[Liking strategy] Manual M/S for Personal Account (non-repost)

Here is my whole strategy. When I started, my main account had 6.6k followers. Now I have almost 22K and 11% engagement. Personal account with original content

Tools needed

-2 slaves

-Main account

-good content

The slaves

  1. Set them to private and give them a profile pic that will get interest.

  2. In the bio put “Follow my main account @mainaccount

  3. Put at least 3 pieces of content from the main page and have it say “reposted from @mainaccount follow to see current content”

  4. Post to that account 2x/week

The main account NEEDS to have killer content

The actions

-for higher follow back

  1. Go to an influencer (with similar content to you) who has excellent engagement and like ONE post of their recent followers. Spend 20 min straight liking from this group. Repeat for other slave and your main account.

-for higher engagement

  1. Go like the first post of people who liked one of their recent posts for 20 min straight. Repeat for other slave and main account.

Repeat the actions for your main account and 2 slaves several hours later for the same time interval (20 min for each account).


  1. Scale up as needed (more/less slaves)

  2. Your accounts need to have a high trust score. Don’t try this with a day old account.

  3. I was able to do 3 20 min sessions, but I will test to see if 4 is possible.

Happy to answer any questions


so you finally did it! thanks mate! many ppl will enjoy it

What exactly do you mean here? we have old accounts with very good “trust score”

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I thought it was time for me to stop taking over the other guy’s thread :joy:

I mean don’t try it with a brand new account with no history. My slaves are a few months old at this point


Understood and thanks again!

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Thanks for sharing. Got several questions, answer if it’s not a secret <3

1. The main account is a repost or personal?
2. What kind of picture? Beautiful lady or content related to mother acc? (For travel niche maybe travel pic or smth)
3. With slaves, you do F/UF or just liking recent follower last posts?
4. All these are manual or automated?
5. How many likes you do with slaves?
6. Any actions with main ? or just content posting.

Thanks and sorry for MANY questions :cowboy_hat_face:

Personal. All my unique content.


Slaves like recent posts of the source. No following or DMs involved


Whatever I can accomplish in 20 min straight of aggressive liking

I post stories on my main, reply to ALL my comments, and like on my home feed/ explore. In addition to the 20 min sessions

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Thanks for answers <3
Much appreciated.

Just 1 point you use Fitness pics on slaves ? or u wrote just a niche example.

Good Luck BTW.

My niche is fitness. And thanks!

And what u advise like, you are running fitness niche and maybe you are using fitness niche pictures for slaves (Maybe fit girls).

For ex. for Food niche should I take food-related profile pic or some attractive ones (Still fit girls :cowboy_hat_face:)

Imagine if you were someone interested in food and an account likes your post. You go to check it out. What pic would make you want to click on the profile? Whatever it is, use that.

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Ofc Food.

But i was on this point.

If you make account private profile picture is not that big to get recognised easily need some catchy pic. Just wandered.

Thanks :heart:

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Aaand one more question (sorry forgot) nicknames of slaves are related to niche or random (like personal nickname etc.)

Nice strategy :slight_smile: I’ll be testing this out on my slaves for my personal

Choose nicknames that are unrelated to main. It can look spammy otherwise, like this account

What is the point for content on slaves if you are a) private and b) trying to route them to your mother account via bio?

thanks @tripleyourtribe :smile:
@InstaZeus I tag the main in the bio of the slaves and in every post. I like to put the main account 3x in the post caption. I like to have the slaves on private to encourage people to read and click on the main account in the bio


Just checked that insane M/S :smiley: over 100 acc I think lul

Gotcha, I guess then the posts captions are for people who followed but did not follow via bio

Right. Once a month, I’ll go back and like the posts of people who like the posts of my slaves as well. As you can imagine, virtually everyone you like will follow

Powerlifter you star!

Interesting about going private with the slaves - I’ll try that out next.

For anyone wondering, I managed just shy of 150 likes in my last 20 minute session, all manual. By my reckoning, 30-40% were private or unrelated accounts that I didn’t bother liking. Do that two or three times a day and you reach 180 to 300 accounts per slave.

Secret sauce right there.