[Free] 8.000+ Outlook Emails with POP3

After some experiments and testing, I ended up with about 8.000 - 9.000 Outlook Email that I currently don’t need :slight_smile:
POP3 is enabled, Anti-Spam disabled on most of these.

If you want a share of those, it’s your lucky day! Just drop a message in this thread and I’ll send you 50 of them via PM.
Please don’t send me a PM - it just fills my Inbox and you will get nothing because I will be busy clicking away notifications :sweat_smile:

These have been created a while ago -some might be dead, some might get a PV, but the last time I checked them 99% were fine- if they don’t work for you: Tough Luck.

Doesn’t matter what you use them for or how long you have been part of this community. You will get them either way.

That’s a market value of (if you believe some sellers on MPSocial) of over $1040 (or more like $160 if you don’t get ripped off)

Since some had issues with this:
I would always recommend checking Emails accounts via the webinterface or some tool that automates this. Some providers lock accounts once they have gone dormant and then they need to be reactivated (Mail.ru, Outlook)
It also helps you identify accounts that need a PV or similar verification methods.

For POP3 , Microsoft recommends the followng settings:

The format is I provide them in is:
Email Password FirstName LastName BirthDate CreationDate


Ouu I’m down! Although I just python scripted a way to make unlimited domain ones, I’m down for 50 for more IG scrapers :blush:

Thank you!!

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I love you! Gimme that please :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks for giving us the opportunity!

I would love to have
Thanks :blush:

hey mate would love to get some!

I would like to receive some outlook emails as well, thanks man!

Hi, Can you share me some accounts? Thank you!

can i get some please
thanks for sharing

Interested too. Thanks @schoko

would love to get :slight_smile:

Would love to get 50 of those :slight_smile:

thank you for that schoko, I would love some

Interested …Thanks You… :innocent:

If you still have some, I would love to get them as well :slight_smile: Thanks :slight_smile:

Could always use a few, don’t need 50 but I’d settle for 25, assuming they last for a while :slight_smile:


Your PMs are off, so you will have to message me instead :slight_smile:

All others sent

Great man, please send me if you can :slight_smile: