Free ANALYTICS tool for Instagram!

If your curious about your Analytics such as:

  • Most Popular Posts
  • What time of day is the best to post
  • Daily/Monthly Average of gaining followers
  • Engagement %
  • More…

Sign up for free alalytics here at SQUARELOVIN

As far as I know, you can have multiple accounts too. Unsure on limit.

Please sticky if you find useful :slight_smile:



Nice share, didn’t know about it, I will check it out :wink:

Simply measured does a pretty nice one too.

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Have to request a demo?

Nope, heres the link…

They want my Twitter after all that… I dont have a twitter :joy: nevermind that!

Make a shit twitter account. It’s what I did. You get like 3 free a week.(reports)

Any other good analytic tools?

Does it require you to submit your instagram login details?

Just use a throwaway account…

Why would they need to comment on my behalf? :open_mouth:

idk but they never have. Ive been using it.

I dont know of any other free ones tbh.

Does SquareLovin allow to monitor accounts other accounts? (Competitor’s account)

No it does not

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How far back does the app allow you to see the analytics of the account?

For Engagement rate, 3 months…

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is that Squarelovin or something else?

@micprince just one month.


Try the free tool Brandon talks about Free Tool or this free website PicStats Report