FREE Niche Hashtag Research Tool


thanks mate and keep up the good work! Would there be any way of exporting more than 30 i know this is kinda the point with this tool but using the same hashtags too often can be harmful.


you can but have to use the good old “right click export tool”


Every time you make a new search, the software will analyze the real-time value of all the hashtags.
So to solve your problem, you only need to repeat the search one time a week and change them on your posts.
With this method, you will have only the latest updated and most performing hashtags every week!


Looks really promising. Testing it out.


This sounds great, how does it choose the best performing hashtags? What are the parameters?

Also what’s you’re website?



Thats whats written on the page. @Dale_Oshea
:blush: Would be interesting to know how it’s calculated but I guess he wont share. But as you have the input values and the output value. You can try to figure out how he connects and weighs the input values to get the output value. Every line of the table is basically an equation.


As I wrote on my previous reply, after the software finishes analyzing the hashtags, you can find an HTML file in the directory of the software (or click on the view results button) and in it, the most important factor is the popularity.

The popularity is an automatic calculation between all the data extracted. The higher the score, the better the engagement you can have when you post with that hashtag.

I can’t reveal the exact calculation but is based on an algorithm I found that work after months of testing.

My website is, you can find also the online version of the free Hashtag Research Tool. (for the mods: if it’s against the forum’s rules please remove the link/message)


will this lead to our ip being blacklisted or something? is it dangerous to log in to ig from the same ip that run this software?
and where is the online version of the software?


I understand your concern, I’ve tested the software extensively to be sure it’s safe.
For this reason, the software may seem slow. Searching 1000 related hashtags take approx. 50-60 min as it leaves random delays to each request, to be sure Instagram will not ban the IP.

So far the software was tested by about 600 users and not a single complain about IP blocked or IG accounts banned for this.

You can find the Free Hashtag Research Tool here:


Just use Sandboxie.


@nicknames - Any recommendations on the hashtags to be specified as source for research? I tried it on a few test accounts putting in some relevant tags, max searching and going against any better judgement using the recommended tags. Numbers are way down for those accounts.

I know how to research tags myself so it might just be possible my finely tuned ones simply function better based on my specific account needs but I wanted to see if maybe there’s a trick to it. Like not targeting tags too large/popular or going for geolocation based tags, etc. Curious your thoughts.


Looks very similar to display purposes, which is basically a web based version of this.