FREE Niche Hashtag Research Tool

Just found this.
For every entered hashtag the software will find 500-1500 related hashtags.
Quite useful.


Getting this p\setup.exe manifests ransomware


There is also a big thread on BHW. Guy has a good reputation.

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May be ok just don’t know why it is trying to put a .exe in my temps?

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i just dont like downloading software that offer such a simple service ( not gonna take any risks )

other then that its actually useful service

your choice. for me its just a way to do something semiatutomated i did manually until now.

Thank you. I will take a try on it later.
For which purposes do you use it?

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For getting niche hashtags which i can pump into jarvee. They are also rating Hashtags by popularity. Not sure about that rating though.

Sounds interesting! My main worry is the accuracy of the hashtags. If it finds that many, won’t there be a lot of irrelevant ones?

How would you define irrelevant ones? Do you have a metric for that? The guy who did the softwar tried to find a metric for hashtag popularity. Thats something similar.

How do you know which hashtags actually work / drive people to your site? What I mean is that your post might be competitive enough to rank in one hashtags (being in the first 9) or in others have no chance or only stay on top of the search results for a few minutes.

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I understand this already. but there are more hashtags you can rank in than you can use

so i think it’s smart to figure out the best ones you can rank in. This is something this tool is trying to do. I trys to find the best ones. Ofc you choose only those who fit your account size and likes etc

I used to test it a month or two ago, it’s quite nice, and there is a pro version to have more hashtags, but yes, you must check all of them, lots are not related to your search, but it’s good for some suggestion.


this is the output you get


aaah… were you looking for on how to support “Giovanni” the funniest account on Instagram aka the “raunchy bastard”?


pretty sure @Nicknames owns this?

It’s a very useful tool i would like the option to export more than 30 hashtags / maybe pick my own to export though!

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Nice to know the internet seems to be pretty small when it comes to IG Marketing^ .Maybe @Nicknames can answer @intadog question. The link i posted contains the “offline version” it is exactly for those who want to have more than 30 hashtags (500-1500)

I am using this tools for a month it work pretty cool,also if you sign up for the newsletter you get a newbie ig guide tips and so far a case study for increasing your engagment

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Yes I’m the developer of this free tool :slight_smile:
Thanks for your support guys! I really appreciate it!

As I wrote on the website some antivirus mark the software as a virus because it has an auto-update feature, so I can implement patch/new feature without every user need to re-download again and again. There is also a virus total link on the website to confirm my words.

I understand your concern. The software needs to analyze a lot of hashtags exactly to find the best 30 to use it in your account.
It will choose for you only the 30 best performing and discard all the others.

The software predicts which hashtag will work better by calculating the popularity score. It’s an automatic calculation between all the data it extracts. The higher the score, the better the engagement you can have when you post with that hashtag.

I take the chance to say that I built two free tools, one is the desktop software version, the one shared by @kripke, and also an online tool version (on my website) with more functionality and better results.

A lot of users are already getting amazing results just by changing their hashtag habit.

I want to help everyone understand the real power of hashtags and the incredible effects they bring on your accounts :wink:

I’m happy to help anyone replying to any questions about hashtags!