[FREE TOOL] I Made a Website to Get the Top Posts of Users

I’m not really sure what the problem is and I’m not home to fix it, so I’ve uploaded the site to GitHub and given instructions on how to run it locally. https://github.com/omerher/Instagram-IGSort

I know that I’ve been searching for a solution to get the top posts of an account for months but I haven’t found any solution so I decided to make one. Let me know if you like it!


This is still in beta and using a free Azure server, so not very powerful, which is why it’s slow. I appreciate any feedback to help me improve the site.


Thanks for sharing it. Let me do a test. :slight_smile:

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Looks great to me.

Sorry that this is OT, but do you know of any tool where you can try to gather a ton of hashtags and then sort them by amount of times used? Like gather x amount of hashtags used. For example, lets say I want to look up the hashtag #hockey. I then get a huge list of hashtags that have been used in posts for #hockey?

No I don’t know any tools like that.

Can you explain the funcionality? There are hundreds of websites where you can see the posts of any account, what are you trying to show there?

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It is a nice tool. I currently use another tool monthly at 29.95 for this. Would be nice to save them in order such as 1.jpg , 2.jpg etc. The captions are nicely done also.

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yes but in ranking order? as soon as they come up they often go down.

The point of the site is to rank the post by likes, so you can find viral posts easier.

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I’ll definitely add the functionality to save them in the future.

Is there a reason that they go down fast? Is it against Instagram TOS?

I have my own tool that does exactly this although it’s a lot more advanced. I based mine off the one I believe @Alexnvo uses.

@Alexnvo want a free account?

Save yourself the $30 :man_shrugging:


web scrapping sites are against ALL social platform TOS not only Insta . It is NOT a illegal activity, just not liked by the sites.

Very nice OP! I use Vurku and pay about $10 a month for something like this. Granted there’s a lot more features and it can search by hashtag, but what you have is really nice. Great share!

@G_B2499 check out the tool I’ve built. You can enter a hashtag and generate hundreds of related ones. You can then export them to a CSV and sort by any metric.

@omerh sorry if I’m hijacking the post. nice tool you’ve built!