Free user tracker on web? socialblade like
I am using this one but it show only last 2 weeks.
Is there anything better ?

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IGBlade is a tool that tracks and analyse your Instagram account. It will provide you data that will help you understand the growth of your account. You’re able to receive free PDF reports on your account upon signing up for a free account with them!

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It’s funny though.

The IG algo seems like hitting the small fish. I know this account that suddently from one day to another started buying fake engagement. And it is so obvious. Any idiot can see it is fake. Now I don’t know if it is coming from an engagement group or a panel. But how come these accounts aren’t hit by AC, blocks or anything like that?Meanwhile others who may be unlucky, and someone they don’t know sends them fake engagement can have their accounts blocked or compromised?

Someone may know the reason?

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