Full browser exp option on Jarvee

Has anyone actually tested the full browser experience tool on Jarvee and if it affects trust score/ban & block rates?

I don’t know if many people are using it, I’ve just been turning it on just in case but I have no idea if it actually affects the accounts. On Jarvee website they vaguely mention that users have reported positive things and they seem to have a pretty clever reason for having it but there really isn’t any data to go for (and my number of accounts is too low to draw any kinds of conclusions)



I have actually never tested the FBE either and would be curious as to what others that have may think of it. Thanks for the thread!

There is another in depth thread about this.


Yes! It helps with your trustscore, but it takes more bandwith of your server and will slow down it a bit.

But if you want HQ accounts, this is a must!

Just checked the link that you posted. Feel stupid now, thanks.

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Hi perttu ,can you share the link !

Absolutely no need to - I just wanted to suggest to use search function as most questions you ask yourself have already been asked :v:

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Thanks for linking it anyways! A lot of other useful info there as well.

Here’s the link @alossra


Okay back to the main thread…

SO Full browser EXP would only be necessary for HQ accounts using the EB or also if you turn on FullAPI?

If you don’t use the EB there is no point in using the FBE for now.

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Does anyone know the best settings for FBE?

dont use “Best” + “settings” in a combination, doesnt matter what tool, perfect/best settings do not exist

Full browser experience -> must tool EB

Won’t it be not so good if all accounts will have the same “FBE” website…
I also suggest turning it on before entering new account :slight_smile:

The new update shows that it can now check own account activity and messages.

I think this’ll be very beneficial for the IG accounts.


Yes i saw that two but how do you get that to work? I have started to tool and ticked that option but nothing seems to be happening? *I am using EB

i didin’t understand well their new update