G+ post sharing from account to community

hi all

we have a share post feature for FB.

Does anyone use this feature for G+ post?
My thought is to move to sharing post directly from an account to groups thereby keeping it in the G+ eco-system and off the radar.

any thoughts?
Does anyone do this?


Well, there’s no share post feature in Mass Planner for Google+. I guess you can try doing the work manually by copying G+ posts permalink and adding it to Mass Planner as a post.

If you ask me, it’s a dead network. Maybe it’s good for SEO purposes since it’s google product, but I never managed to get any traffic from their groups.

Really trying to generate traffic through Google+ seems to be a waste of time for posts.

I always tried to have some success with this but I never got it!

For the following reason each social network has a public that interacts in a way different from the others. This everybody knows!

And with Google+ it is not different the public of this platform has nothing to do with facebook or twitter publics that makes our actions in this network seem to be always inutilating and frustrating.

But since the middle of last year I have seen that this network can have some value yes! And I noticed that she interacts very well with videos.

I discovered this when I started to take care of a revenue channel that my wife created. She had a revenue site, and her site posts were always posted to Google+ in groups and private profiles, but traffic results are zero.

But when we started posting videos of the same recipes and in the same groups and profiles we could see that people reacted quite differently to the posts.

From that moment we began to see that the platform could bring good results if we were able to engage people with more videos. And we did it for testing and it really went well.

The bottom line is that videos can be a great way to interact with network people.

And whoever wants to get a return on Google+ must have a YouTube channel, that sounds like an obligation to me.

Because this way you can get attention from the users of the network because they are already logged in, it is very likely that you will get subscribers to your channel, tastings and shares more easily.

A very interesting idea to draw people’s attention to seeing your videos on the platform is to leave the settings of your videos as non-shared.

That way when the person clicks to watch the video she will not be able to!

Because the video is blocked to see on other platforms in this way the person will be forced to visit YouTube to see the video and there you can do all the redirection work to send people where you want.

The advantage of blocking videos from being viewed outside of YouTube is that you can have more earnings with Adsense if this is the case!

Because when YouTube videos are released to be seen on other networks ads only appear within the videos. This brings you much less financial return on clicks or ad views.

I hope I have helped in some way with this experience I had!

And I’m sorry if they found some spelling mistakes. English is not my forte!


thanks fellas, good input

Did you manage to posts on groups through Mass Planner? I tried as well, and I can’t see the post in the groups. Maybe you can help me with the settings you used and how you managed to do it.

@brazukas really nice share :slight_smile: good to know about the video stuff, so g+ is not totally dead after all :smiley:

Thank you @theDoctor

@criss Unfortunately when I did that work I had to do it manually because I did not know the mass planner.

I’m a beginner in using the tool today it’s only been five days since I started using it.

I searched for groups and made postings all manually without the help of any tool and had results.

But now I believe that things will be much easier, and the return will be much greater because I saw that the massplanner has a tool that locates groups and this makes things a lot easier.

When I was manually searching for niche groups just by searching for Google+ I felt limited because it took too long to find groups with the features I needed.

And the time for this was limited too because I work in other businesses that take me a long time. In other words, I could not expand the work!

But only in a test with the massplaner group finder did I find about 160 niche-related groups that I could not find using Google+ searches before, and I did that in a few seconds.

Soon I’ll plan how to make posts on Google+ by massplanner and I’ll leave you the part right here.

But for now pass your case to the support I’m sure they will help you with this problem of posts that do not appear.

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Yes @Johnny sure I believe this is the best way at the moment to have some result with Google+.

At least it was for me and in the niche I was working on.

Of course this may be different from region to region, but I think this may already be a light at the end of the tunnel for this network!:sunglasses:

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You can post in groups through the distribution lists. is that what you mean?

@brazukas Thanks for your response. I did contact the support, and they think the problem is at my account, that I’m banned. But if I post manually I can see the post…so I don’t think I’m banned.

@theDoctor I made a volume campaign, and selected “to where” the destination list to google+ groups. I tried with 2 groups only, as well as more. And I still can’t see my post on the groups. I can see it from MassPlanner, if I click on Browse Embedded, but if I’m going in the group, is nowhere to be found.


that’s called ghosting. They make your posts appear only to you but not to anyone else. You probably overdid it and that’s a method they use to slow users done when they do that. Just let the account cool down for a week or so and start slower next time and also make sure to use spinned text so they don’t see you posting the same exact thing all over.


Good share, I didn’t know that videos get more results in Google+. It’s crazy how every network have it’s own thing.

5 days only and already engaging in the forum :+1: Keep it up :wink:

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I just wanted to attach a tip that I forgot to put in my review above.
When you choose to only show videos in monetized locations, you must also choose the option not to allow embedding. This will not prevent a person from sharing your video link, but will have to visit your channel to watch the videos.

YouTube Settings!

Image clickable video posted on facebook!

Image clickable video posted on G+!

The advantage of this process is the following in most cases when links are shared in Google+ and Facebook they are transformed into clickable images.

Here’s an example in the screencast: https://www.screencast.com/t/8Yg15TQBDX

In other cases it only shows the thumbnails of the video, but when clicked it tells the person to go to the channel to watch the video.

This technique can be used on other networks as well, but the one with the most return is on Google+.

Remember that it’s not good to do this on all the videos so people do not get mad at you. The best option is to use this technique only in those videos that you know the person will not resist. Of course this only applies when you see that the video has not turned into a clickable image.

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Thank you for sure, I’ll continue like this. I have much to learn from you all. And what I can help I will help!

@criss As promised I came back here to talk about the campaign and unfortunately I am having the same problem as you!

I make the posts in the panel massplanner says that it was done successfully, but the posts do not appear in the groups.

I made a campaign using an old account that I always used to make posts manually and I never had this problem.

Maybe this is happening to other people, but they do not know why they do not check the posts.

It would be important if more people took the test!

I can not understand what the problem would be!

I already got in touch with the support too!

Because that never happened to my account! And now the posts do not appear even when put manually.

Now I’ll let the account rest for a week, let’s see if it comes back to normal!