Gain followers via FB ads

Hey:) how can I gain Instagram followers using fb ads, because i tried on 20$ and gained like 4 followers (I’ve made good targeting, any thoughts?

You pretty much answered your question yourself. Don’t use ads for this purpose as they don’t deliver growth. They are good for a concrete offer (products/services) on the other hand.


Sounds like you need a better ad that resonates with your targeting.

While running the ad you should always have an IG story up.

Also wouldn’t hurt to have a countdown timer to an IG live where you will be talking about something your target user would be compelled to want to listen to.

Anything that you can use to get a CTA in front of your end user that would resonate with them is really important.

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IG story up to track how many new people checked the story?

Like I don’t understand, except from follow unfollow and shoutouts, how to gain active followers?

You have some specific value to give to your target audience (potential followers). They will not follow you because they just like your profile. For this ads aren’t working that well.

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How to gain then followers, except from methods I listed above?

They are plenty. Read more here and you will find many more.

I personally would not use ads if ‘gaining followers’ was my interest. Engagement sure, but the ROI on gaining followers from ad spend is just not good.

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What would you do?

Same opinion here. When you have something really good to offer or a call to action to follow/DM to get the value for example, you can gain some followers as a nice side effect.

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As stated by @roy read the many many many topics created within this forum and you will have plenty of ideas. It can be tough at times but using anything that’s posted here with a bit of creativity is going to take you a long way!


Just a bad option as there is no follow button you can advertise. Small M/S is where you should put your money in if you are not able to realize it yourself @Vlaa

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+1 That would make a huge difference on how the ads are working.

But in the future I see more platform based promotions for growth on the explore page and in the DMs as they are not that “cold” like real ads. Instagram is playing very smart.

Hire me, I will give you 8 followers for same price!!! :laughing:

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try to not just focus on gaining followers from ads by just buying ads…

if you want to maximize your results ( followers in your case ) from an ad i would also setup jarvee to follow/unfollow users who liked the ad it self ( likers in this case are highly active/interested in your ad )

or do auto message to them offering discount for followers or a chance for trial offer …etc

so my point is try to engage with users who engaged with your ads, try different type of engagements and see what will result in much better Follow rate

just like sales funnels man


Follow unfollow? I’ve got software blocks

use EB, or reset device ID and slow it down as you will only try to engage with likers of your ads and nothing else in your case

I suggest you to enroll a good FB ads course… there’s a lot of this type of course online :slight_smile:

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I’ve been experimenting with them for a little while. You can definitely gain followers. My issue has been that when I only target U.S./Canada, they don’t convert nearly as well as certain European countries. There are so many different variables to experiment with. I’m confident it can be done. I just haven’t found the right formula yet.