Gained 20k TikTok Followers using Jarvee repost tool

There was this guy that used bts for his photoshoot. Why nlt give it a shot? @ian

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I should, it was a really good idea but I don’t want to rip him off completely. Not that it’s anything super unique, but he did execute it well. My problem is getting photoshoots to actually happen, keep getting flaked on. He did it with strangers on the street from what I remember, which won’t work with covid but yeah.

Have to remember next time and see what works. Focusing on the models and not me of course, nobody wants ugly dude to be on camera :stuck_out_tongue:


Everyone copies everyone of one way or the other. Just gotta give it your twist or do better :raised_hands:

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I have been getting good results lately but if I may ask even if my question is a little bit off-topic how to maximize your revenue from those accounts? best methods only.

This works like a charm. Thank you for sharing! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can’t make a video of the process, but you can follow the steps below as explained by @B_G :
I use chrome browser.

  1. Install this add-on on your chrome

  2. Log in to your Tiktok account.

  3. Click on the Cookie Editor icon on your browser, then click on Export

    The cookies will be copied to clipboard automatically.

  4. Open a new txt file using Notepad, paste the cookies, and save the file.

  5. Go to Social Profiles tab, click on the Tiktok account, check the option “Show advanced profile settings”, scroll down and click on Import.

  6. Choose the cookies file you saved in step 4.

  7. Visit, copy your user agent, and paste it in Embedded browser user agent field in Jarvee > Account advanced settings.

  8. Verify the account. It should go valid after that.


Thank you very much! Definitely I have to try :+1:t2:

Are you just reposting viral content? That’s it? Do you hashtag your videos or it’s legit a repost with no changes?

I thought TikTok punishes reposting and limits the views on it?

So all of your videos have the watermark of the original poster on it then? And that doesn’t hurt the views?

Yes I am, I didn’t use any hashtags. None of my posts have captions. I have [ORIGINALPOSTCAPTION] in Post Caption Text, but that token is not working because I have USE ONLY THE EMBEDDED BROWSER checked.

No, they don’t have watermark of the original poster. The first post that blew up doesn’t have any captions and it now has 2,6 million views.

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But how can you repost a TikTok video without the tiktok logo and @ watermark in the videos?

I thought tiktok didn’t allow for reposting other peoples content that has already been posted to tiktok, don’t they lower the reach?

I have been doing reposts for 5 days straight (10-15 posts a day) and most of them got zero views. Very few reached 10-500 views. But yesterday, one of my reposts finally took off. It got 5k over night, had about 1 hour of no traffic and then all of a sudden it went to 20k in less than an hour and currently keeps on going (at 600k right now).

Taking into account that I use the same hashtags on all the videos my conclusions so far are:

  • I am pretty sure there is some kind of randomness to whether a video hits the fyp or not. My understanding so far is: if you are an “unknown” account, only a small percentage of your posts will even be shown to the fyp, most likely this is totally random and more like a lottery

  • The theory, that TikTok tests videos by showing them to a small audience first to check the response and then expands the audience, seems to be correct. The views, at least at the beginning, seem to be coming in waves. If you fail to perform in the first waves…goodbye fyp

  • Hashtags make no difference for going viral. It might indicate to TikTok which users it should suggest, but it won’t help you go viral

  • Reposts are not flagged or limited in regards to reach, or at least not always


And you can use IPV4?

Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m glad you’ve started seeing positive results. Which source option are you using?

Yes, you can use ipv4 proxy… if you can log in to the account on chrome just fine, you should be able to make the account valid in Jarvee.

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How you have solved the problem that if you log out from your browser you log out also from Jarvee? If I want to install many accounts how to add those without logouts?

Currently hashtags, I’d love to have Instagram/TikTok interoperability though. It would be much better if you could pick videos from Instagram and post them to TikTok. My first viral video got spotted by the OP pretty soon and I took it down at 1.1M views to avoid a ban. At least I got 10k followers out of it.

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Do everything on your browser in incognito mode, use a new window for each account you create

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For some reason, when I add sources to the repost tool, it says that the “number of posts is 0”. Anyone know why this is? Thanks.

I think “Follow users by hashtag search” source doesn’t work well anymore? Much less follows today.