Gary Vaynerchuk Thinks We're Clowns

I’m speechless.


Most likely a controversial post on purpose.

If he means it, he has obviously no clue about Instagram besides “image” advertisements for big brands.

Especially since big media outlets use those techniques and follower merging.

But obviously he does not want to mention those things :smiley:


I honestly hope he keeps saying things like this- less competition for us!


I am all with you on that one.


Is being a clown a bad thing?
I thought that this is how you get rich on the internet nowadays lol…


You make a good point…

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Well he’s always been a clown, maybe it’s a self-deprecating joke about his failings. After all, he’s only been successful at one thing that made him famous, doubt anything else he says or does has made any significant impact.


Hm, I don’t know about that. He’s one of the, if not the biggest entrepreneurial influencer on this planet. I’m not a fan per say, but I’m sure he has made an impact on thousands of kids wanting to be financially free.

And I mean, having a media company is another success I guess? Would you not agree?


Sounds like the person that criticizes something that they are actually guilty of doing.


Who the hell is he?

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We can’t all be sluts and show our bodies to get 100 milion followers like some “people”.


I agree F/U on a main account would be dumb.

Vaynerchuk’s net worth at $160 million. I wouldn’t be arguing with the guy tbh.

He has his own techniques that do work. I have friends who have success with his techniques only.

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I am not going to waste my time watching this crap. I believe in a saying. ‘Who gives a fuck what others say’. Entertainment never made me money


How can they do followers merging?

Not a good topic public parts of the forum :smiley:


Opinions pay 0 bills. @Gary Vaynerchuk

And probably none of that is made from growing IG accounts… making the above largely irrelevant :slight_smile:

He plays in a vastly different market with totally different budgets. If I have 10 - 50 - 100K to blast for my media budget to grow my company of 1000 employees’s IG account - I would not be doing F/U either.


Merging accounts: Is this why I have noticed that I am following accounts that I have never heard of on my personal IG? Random topics that I have never had any interest in.

For someone of that size, he’s right. If you’re dumping big money into social media campaigns, not using at least part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, and deciding to u/f instead, you’re a clown.

Otherwise, he’s just ranting on his typical topic of “if you’re genuine and work your ass off, you’ll rise to the top” which often conflicts with his “make money by any means necessary” shtick. Just Gary being Gary, saying anything that seems motivational, because people eat that shit up.


For Instagram, He often pushes for the $1.80 strategy

It’s where you comment on the top 9 posts of 10 of the most relevant hashtags in your market, every day.

It’s simple but very time consuming for the average business owner.

However, i see that his strategy is to basically become a beast of a contributor in your community within the comments.

I haven’t tried it but i suspect it being difficult to keep up daily