Gary Vaynerchuk Thinks We're Clowns


I use the 1.80 strategy(By itself) growth is slow but it works and it drives the engagement up on your account. What i would tell people to do is like the comments on the posts you comment on as well this will get other accounts attention as well so I was getting 20-30 followers a day off this strategy. Next what I would tell users to do is run a like strategy as well and like those accounts content as well, So they are getting comment likes from you and also getting regular likes. To top it off leave a comment on their account as well this brings so much attention to your account and the follower growth I got was 50-90 followers a day that were highly engaging followers. But that’s enough of the secret sauce I am giving away lol


wow thats great! thanks for sharing your insight and results from it.


I think he’s referring to people expecting to get famous and millions followers by ONLY doing follow/unfollow, not about whether or not follow/unfollow works.


that is more likely what he was meaning not to mention Follow/unfollow engagement can be bad if you make it all about you and your account and don’t show any love to others


Wouldn’t buy too much into this.

Follow/Unfollow gets you decent results basically for free, that’s almost a fact, probably almost everyone on this forum knows that from their own experience.

GV has offered tons of value and is maybe the original prototype of a social media influencer. That doesn’t mean we should buy into everything he says like he’s our cult leader.

Think for yourself. Does Follow/Unfollow work for you? Yes? Then do it.