Gary Vaynerchuk Thinks We're Clowns


He took his dads wine business from $3 million to $80 million. I don’t think he got that handed to him lol especially since he now has a networth so much higher than that.

He has also been a pioneer in the internet world with google ads, facebook ads etc. and really understood all the potential


I’m not complaining that he expanded the business. But got 3 mill “papi” business is not “Starting from the scratch”, so excuse me, he don’t know shit how to get done it from the very start.

I bet this @LightningKing don’t have the 3 mill start and watching inspiring videos how broken Gary started from the very bottom selling bottles and got rich and famous. @LightningKing Keep watching those videos, don’t stop, people like you are very profitable to long tongues “gurus” like he is.


I get what you mean but that is not what you said

You said he doesn’t do anything which is just straight up false. He is a perfect example of what is possible if you put in the work and to say that he doesn’t deserve where he is and got everything handed to him is just petty. And he actually does do a lot of garage sales etc from time to time so he definitely knows the grind.

He worked for that. It didn’t fall from the sky :wink:


You mean his dad who escaped the Communist soviet union and build up a wine business as an immigrant in the USA?

And like @Grummel1 said, he built it from 3M to 80M. I don’t think the average person can do that.

He is using that to grow his media agency, it gets people to talk and creates credibility.


He twittered 1 sentence 8 months ago and you still talking about it and about him. He’s a genius!


Why do you spend so much time writing texts about this person for so long? Use this time to write something productive or do something productive. There are many famous and inspiring entrepreneurs, but at the end of the day, every minute invested in speculating about people is a lost minute to build the own legacy. That’s why I’m not longer into watching TV, listen to the radio and social media in moderation. Talking about these people changes 0.0 in our lives.


He didn’t just inherit the business… He worked there as an employee and turned it into something much bigger because he utilized the power of the internet before most people even saw the potential. He worked almost every minute of his life and still does. He has helped many people with his content.

Those who can’t, bitch about those who can.

  1. I haven’t bought anything from him
  2. I have actually adopted his ‘retail arbitrage’ idea (for free of course) and build a reselling business Amazon from it.

I guess you have nothing else to say :slight_smile:

I’m sure not an expert, but I’ve been able to support myself and my family through IM and I’m proud of it.

I don’t even know why I get it this conversation, such a waste of time.


Okay I’m seeing this just now, I have just this to say: LOL

If this is true & Gary is pushing this strat, he is regurgitating his OWN techniques. He himself called it the “2 cents on 90 posts” technique for linkedin - a platform where this strategy will have MUCH better impact. Looks like he might be running out of ideas.

And as for the initial tweet in OP’s post, I guess I have to say he’s right. F/UF should NEVER be the only thing you do on social media. I guess people mistook it as him saying all people who do f/uf are clowns. I think he meant that people who do only f/uf are clowns.


why change what works? :slight_smile:

The principle of being genuine in the comments still applies


Come on, you gotta accept that this is something that would work much better on LI than on IG. And it would take a hell of a lot more comments than 9 or 90 to get any sort of real follower volume/velocity on your IG profile.


Well, this actually used to be an amazing, semi-secret strategy a few years ago. I was running a bot that would automatically comment stuff like ‘I want to grow, but no one is checking out my account😭’ on new posts of 1m+ accounts.

It was getting me around 300-400 followers per day :wink:

Should still work, but right now there are a lot of comment limits on Instagram.


How many comments for that 300-400 follows?


Around 100 I think


Other ““IM gurus”” may scam you selling you programs on how to get rich and enjoy your life.

Gary V steal your time (a lot) telling you to eat shit for 10 years and then he leverages your attention to get more clients and six figure speaking gigs.


You should understand what he talked about actually.
Do you understand the difference between strategy and tactic?
If you want to make F/U as your short term tactic as booster kick it’s okay bro.
But if you think it will be strategy for long term you’re in big problem.
I agree with him for this time.


He is the king


I still remember how my uncle did keep his profile and make him follow unfollow manually

now he pretends he does not remember



Is Gary your uncle, son?


fame does not = success. there are many more people much richer than him who don’t shout about their knowledge and how much money they have. his online fame is a planned marketing strategy to make him even more money. plus this guy has severe adhd.