Gary Vaynerchuk Thinks We're Clowns


So Gary is not successful? I don’t understand your statement…

Anyway, before I talk shit about someone I ask myself a simple question. Am I better than him/her?

If the answer is no, it’s not really smart to say anything. Simple as that


money does not = success :slight_smile:


That tweet is taken from one of his videos and he talked about the ways of promoting your social media accounts, suggested 10+ ways (dm-ing, shoutouts etc.) and said by knowing all of this - if u use only follow/unfollow than you’re a clown. Many idiots had their parents money and ended up with nothing, he made money with his father and went on his own, VaynerMedia is making hundreds of million so I don’t really understand some of you here…


May be something wrong with me but I think he is right :smiley:


Very true, garyvee’s content is brilliant, especially his podcasts… that actually dive into things that make sense and business owners can relate to and apply.

I’ve noticed he has been experimenting with humorous content for the past few weeks, (he even said himself he experiments things before publicly disclosing, and this is one of them for sure.

Also the quote “watch what I do, not what I say” also moved me, he’s got some of the realest sh*t on social. I love garyvee.

If you guys don’t know much about garyvee, and want to build quality within your audience… just google the $1.80 strategy, he provides so much GOLD, I can’t wait to see what comes in the next 5 yrs.

EDIT - Here it is Gary Vaynerchuk - Instagram for Business: The $1.80 Strategy to grow your business or brand


The tweet this topic about isn’t new by the way, it has been posted a year ago


i agree with you but i see hes positive sides too
he always share great business advises and motivate people to do more ,and be more productive and stop the laziness! also had to mention Working harder isn’t always the answer work smart

i do see negative sides of hes mentality :

The damage he does could last for years

Putting as much pressure on yourself as Gary Vaynerchuk is implying we need to in order to be successful could have much longer lasting detrimental effects than you imagine.

Working 15 hours a day every day and taking no downtime for the whole of your twenties will more than likely result in you suffering from stress.

also has to quote he once said!
“Every second you spend thinking about what someone else has, it is taking away from time that you can create something for yourself. Spend that energy on your visions and execute.”


This should be pinned on top of the forum > followed by a temporary shut down for a few days > watch everyone’s business explode when there are no more redundant topics for people to discuss, making people have that cozy feeling that they did something today.


permanent shut down.


Getting it pinned on top of the forum would be a Great Reminder to everyone ,But Some people Never Get it tho!
it’s better if people would remember it and implement it
it would have huge positive outcome for the long Run on a lot of peoples life’s


this should be pinned instead on all internet forums lol. it’s what i believe.


To each their own.

Gary always preaches to do what works for YOU. And that your ambitions should match your efforts.

You cannot live in the big house, drive the nice car and do that with 4 hr work days - the is the moral of everything he says, at least for me.


Well his new Swiss line of shoes are awful. He needed to say something for attention.


Seems like an Alibi to me :man_shrugging:


Yeah… because his strategies are so super “sophisticated” smh. Hate it when people just criticise others for no reason.


You forget one thing. His whole point about this is to WORK and ENJOY THAT WORK for 15 hours a day. Think for example you are a photographer. If you do it for money, stop. It’s not gonna bring you success. But if you do it from passion you are more likely to get more shit done and improve your workflow. And you can get from a couple of hours taking pics to 10-15 hours. And you will enjoy it. Of course, you need to rest so you plan everything organized and your are aware of every move you make.

It’s a numbers game. Everyone knows to do a number of things. The more you know, the better your life can be.


He’s not remotely wrong, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It just brings in low quality followers in the eyes of a business owner. Influencers/people paying you guys to pull the numbers for their profiles typically have no concept of business, or what these numbers actually mean - as in they 1 million percent dont represent buyers. Follow/Unfollow method works, but it’s a super fast way to get noticed that you’re doing it, which means if you’re selling a product like marketing (billy gene etc), it means you don’t know a thing about value creation/too lazy to do it/don’t actually provide value. Influencers/Vanity people don’t know what any of that is, and just want to impress people/sell skinny tea.

So he’s not wrong in saying it’s a stupid thing to focus on, especially with whats happening to growth services that leverage F/UF as we speak, but what he means is playing long game - provide value, and create a strategy to get there. F/UF is short game. Works, not remotely disputing it, but depends on your idea of ‘working’. The only people that can dispute that are either too lazy to provide value, or don’t know what it means.

And it has nothing to do with his budgets, don’t create such limiting beliefs for yourself. It costs literally nothing to provide value and grow on the platform. It depends on how vain you are lol.


This is the best thing I’ve heard in a while! Lmao


If you still think you’re an hotshot and Gary is full of bullshit, after what has happened recently, you need to start changing your mentality or you’ll get thrown out of the game.


Let us use all our bots to follow him and like his post in all SM hhh