GaryVee - 2018 Marketing Strategy

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I want to share with all of you this video I find on YouTube.



So true. Thanks for sharing @texxxo

Brief summary of that segment for those who wont watch the vid:

  • Fb, IG and Snapchat = marketplaces + underpriced to advertise at the moment

  • The CPM on these platforms will increase in the next 12-36 months.

  • If youre not spending 35-65% of your money on ads, youre leaving money on the table

  • Gary Vee himself DMd IG influencers for 4 hours on his flight for his launch - despite making millions per year himself

  • So many if you like to watch these, and dont apply. I implore you to change the course and apply, do.

  • Voice is the next thing. Figure out how your business can integrate that. START A PODCAST if you think you can. Just interview people in your industry for example with 9 questoins…

  • People overthink stupid shit: name of their business, logo… What you do to make the name matter matters. Just pick one and fkn go. Execution. People want to debate… lol.

Almost mid-way 2018… Time to implement.


He wrote a nice book, Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too

Interesting to read:


Amazon just shipped me this today - looking forward to the read.

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Gr888 Knowledge thanks

I’m reading that book now. It’s great so far.

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The book has some great info in it, although a lot of it will be redundant if you frequently watch his videos/podcast. Nevertheless, GaryVee is a legend.


Hey Erik are there any other books you would reccomend?


Book I’m currently on. Very interesting read about how our habits control our day and how we can change them. Warning, it’s a bit dense.


The part about Eugene are interesting as heck, one of the better books I’ve read so far! I’d reccomend this book wholeheartedly to everyone!

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Read this one, definitely a bit dense but gave me a vastly different perspective.

I have heard this book is truly valuable. Plan to read it soon.

Any source for it? Thanks :smiley: