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Would love to introduce you guys to an awesome extension tool on Google Chrome called Pablo similar to Canva.

Here’s the link to the extension:

Pablo has 600,000+ images (Free Stock) for use + Ready Templates you can choose from

You can also resize the image to fit Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

There’s also a build-in Filter + Caption you can select from.

That’s not all, you can also upload your logo or any image if you are looking to watermark the content you have created!

And once you’re done, you can share among your social media platforms or download the image for your own use!


This is a pretty nice share! Thanks!


Cheers :smiley:


Thanks for the share!


it could be useful, thanks


I wonder if there’s a way to create a script to feed this tool a bunch of quotes and auto generate quote posts? Used to be able to do something similar with canvas but they changed and the tool stopped working


That will be awesome if it can be done for Pablo as well


I love you! Thank you for this!


Thanks, never heard of this tool but will definitely try it!


@senseifuel This is awesome and this will surely help many including me.
Thank You


will try this later. Thanks for the share!


thanks for tip. I give a try for this!


Good stuff mate, thanks for sharing. I love that it’s in a browser too


@senseifuel Does it also have brand color and fonts like canva pro?


I guess the fonts and colors are considered very basic as compared to Canva Pro since it’s paid, you can try it out though.


Good share. thanks!


Thank you for this service bro! I won’t create content there but I think it could be useful to find some creative ideas there. Thank you once again :pray:


Thanks BRO <3


Thank you very much, sir!!


Perfectly for motherslave accs :clap: