Germany Only - Cheapest Unlimited 4G Lte

As I saw that here are a few people from Germany
Germany is one of the country’s with the highest mobile rates with
a shitty quality, even somewhere in thailand on the fields the internet is better and cheaper
trust me bro

but i wanted to share you
the cheapest unlimited 4G / Lte provider in germany
1€ for unlimited 225mbits per day charged daily with paypal

no contract needed, its like prepaid

you only pay if you use it!

i use it for account creation


Do you have to renew it daily or is there any option to have them charge 1€/day automatically (like a regular subscription)?

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I always searched for cheap data plans in Germany but never found something under 60-80€ per month + just with a 1-2 years contract. Thanks a lot!

@WannaCryyy Also interested in that, subscription could be amazing for creating own mobile proxies.


if u start to use it, you have to connect it with you paypal account, then u can choose
between 2 options
0,69€ for 1gb a day or 0,99€ for unlimited
they charge your paypal every day with the balance that you choose

if you don’t want to use it, you cane pause it for 2 weeks
so you pay 2 € a month if you don’t use it much

also you can cancle the sim card if you don’t want to use it
there is no problem to get a new card after a pause

they give you as many cards as you want

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yes the cheapest is o2 - telefonica 60€ a month but its an contract for 2 years

compared to russia… as im an russian in germany…
you get unlimited 4 g for 3 - 4 € a month

here is what i found some months ago

use google translator


Europian country charge a lot for internet guys. In India, you get a 2 GB/ day for $5 for 84 days :smiley: Get any popular sim card for any network and you will see same kind of rate :wink: tariff war is good, but only between cellular network :smiley:

Speed is not good compare to other country, only 4 Mega bytes per second, but that’s enough for my most of work.

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I’m in Russia now and there are no €3-4 plans, I think the cheapest one you can get is about $10 with unlimited 4g


you’ll find them but they are limited to 4g connection only, anything else as 4g won’t work
also you can use them only within the city,
like if you bought them for moscow, they only work in moscow

Is this legit :slight_smile:
And also over what provider does it operate? I suppose o2 net?

Thanks for sharing.

It’s legit. The provider is Telefonica aka O2 and it’s sold by a sub company of Freenet. Ordered a sim a while ago and it’s working fine.

we need something like this for the usa…

I see, nice, might get this for acc creation, I guess that’s what you use it for aswell? :slight_smile:
So you’re german aswell? So many here lol…

@StayStyled No I’m not using it for account creation and wouldn’t recommend it for that :slight_smile:

I’m in Berlin for another year.

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Is there a reason why not? I mean shouldn’t it just be like any other 4g connection? :slight_smile:

I don’t want to answer that in a public aka level 1 thread :confused:

I bought that sim a few weeks ago aswell, but I had no internet connection anywere :frowning: I live in a small village maybe it different for you.

It should be the same as O2, if you get O2 signal in your village it should work I think…

Btw. Props to freenet-funk. Never saw such a create designed sim card box + app, for mobiel data :slight_smile: :+1::de: