Get 1000s of 100% Verified Leads For your Ad Agency

This a script build to generate leads for my ad agency what it does it will search for any business niche or industry in any city in the US and it will return the following:

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Business Phone
  • A business website, it will check if the business using any Facebook Ads or not by checking If the pixel is installed
  • Business email: it will tell you if the email is good to use or not. if it says back don’t use it so you don’t waste any money on CRM.

Watch Video Here


And you offer the script or what exactly is this post about?

Hi @StayStyled,

I am offering the script and looking for more inspirational features/ideas to add to it.

@Noirorion take a look at this

Can you PM me with details/script?

Would love to test it out!

PM as well pls :slight_smile:

Looks very interesting, I would also like to see more information about this!

u scraping from ggl?

Interesting. I’m in need of something like that. Would be keen on learning how to develop it or studying the script. Happy to test it in my area too and give you feedback.

Hi @Successboy, currently it scrap from and the google places under development.

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@roy stay tuned :+1:

@DonPapo what kind of details do you want to know, I would be very happy to explain

@boyzoo I just replied to your PM

Interesting. Can you dm me the script link?

Super useful!

Would love to get access to this! Can you PM me link ? @xpdh

Finishing the last touches on the script and I will be sharing soon


Can’t wait to try it!

Looks interesting, I would like more information about it

Here everybody. Please check this link for first release of the app.