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How do you get people to comment more on your posts?

Ok before anyone begins to type their response…I KNOW that folks don’t really like to engage that much anymore now that they got rid of likes. I’m not talking about those people.

There is actually a great deal of people out there who actually STILL like to comment on posts. What are some ways to get more people to engage in conversation with me on my account??

I leave specific CTA’s in my captions sometimes. Most of them are open ended questions. But it seems like whenever I propose a question at the end of my captions, maybe one or two of my followers actually comment.

I have 27k followers so this is super troubling.

It’s almost as if all of them are doing it on purpose. And I have no idea why.

Any one have any tips?

I tried to do CTA too but I find most people don’t even bother reading the captions. Even those who do comment don’t seem to be in response to my CTA, maybe just 1 or 2 (in a 23K account)

Hmmm good to know its not just me.

My thing is, how on earth do you get them to pay attention???

I swear I’m about to start including my CTA’s in my carousel posts so they have to at least read it lol

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It doesn’t help that captions get cut off after such a short number of characters as well as nobody reading to begin with. I think it really comes down to how amazing the content is, to the point that it’s so shocking people click to look at what you said. Even then, I’ve never been good at getting CTA caption questions to work.

Boobs and butts.

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Lol man as much as I’d like to disagree with you I’m starting to think that this is definitely a thing.

I’m a comic artist who used to specialize in drawing boobs and butts but some of my more recent comic projects has gained the attention of children. Smh

even when you add the CTA before the caption cutoff?

try some of these CTAs:

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I hear ya, it’s not 100% accurate and just my opinion but if you look at the landscape and see what does well with engagement, those two things definitely do. I post portraits mostly, and engagement is super low. If I post something with more skin? Comments go up slightly. Time to start with more nudity and see how it goes I guess?

Good list, you should try some of these things, although most aren’t really applicable to art/photography. They’d work really well with fitness/motivational stuff or anything that can be “marketed” so to speak, like “Hey, I got these abs by eating nothing but broccoli for a month, what’s your go to ab slayer?”


ill ask my portrait photog friend what he does to get comments for you @ian
(he usually does AMAs on stories every week, and gets loads of responses)


I think having a big following helps for AMA’s specifically, I don’t have one of those (only 6k on my personal photo account) so people don’t really have a reason to ask me as an authority figure - although that’s a really good idea. @Zayarts could definitely try an AMA about his comic illustration, could do really well actually. Hell he could even do follower submission one-off sketches or something.

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My travel partner’s account has a lot of her boobs and butt. Her comment sections were just all guys hitting on her, none of them seem to read what she wrote in caption. She would just respond with nonsense, literally gibberish because she doesn’t want to waste time responding to every guy and the guys will still try to hold a conversation with the gibberish response, it’s hilarious. Here is a small sample, sometimes she has 800+ comments of non sense conversation with those guys.

My account has tons of her pictures at places we go to (since I take way better pictures of her than her of me), a lot of my followers think I’m her even though I always say ‘her and I…’ in my captions. That’s how I know nobody reads my captions either. lol


Hahaha, that’s awesome. I mean it sucks because pervs gonna perv, but the engagement has to help her grow!

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He’s around the same as you 5.5k – and shows a lot of his personality through his stories.

@Zayarts oh youre in comic illustration? you could even add CTAs like:

  • which of these styles do you like best?
  • what do you want me to draw next?
  • which Xmen character is your fave?
  • … etc

And right before you share what you drew, share the screenshot showing people who VOTED or submitted the idea… Sorta like how Honest Trailers (on youtube) show ppl’s comments before the trailer begins.

^^ This way, it encourages people to leave comments because it shows you actually take their comments into action.

An idea :thinking:


Dope ideas man! Thank you! I’ll try em out :+1:t4:

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Also a good thing to do if you’re going based on submissions/crowdsourcing content via comments or whatever. A few popular YouTube shows I used to edit always had a comments response piece at the end where we’d cherry pick comments from the previous episodes to discuss and break down, resulting in some good content and of course more engagement along the way.

It’s hard to do it if you only get 1 Story reply, but sometimes you’ve gotta fake it until you make it (as much as I hate that cringe phrase).

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