Getting started in Jarvee - a guide for Brands & Businesses

Nice guide thank you for your settings! definitely helps a noob like me out!

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This is just great! Thank you.

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Maybe this might sound stupid but why would you need Jarvee? Thnx

Edited by @wortime DM for reason if needed. Also, really? Come on guys. This is why we can’t have nice things ffs

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Which action will let jarvee send a connection request to IG?
what i mean is, (ie) i have 2 acccounts on the same mobile proxy, but i don’t want them to be linked together, 1 run for 12 hrs and the other for the remaining 12 hrs per day, changing ip , so for ig they are 2 account used from 2 different ip.
How can i be sure that there won’t be any connection sent from account 1 when account 2 is running?
Ovbiusly no f/u/like/posting etc. there are other thing i have to care about? like opening the setting in jarvee will send a connection? or looking at bio? or it just being active? is there a features to prevent any connection for determinied hours?
Thanks, i know that it a mess to read, pardon me <3

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Hey @Broked,

Good question. I don’t know why your want to do this but it’s still a good question.

Sleep mode set in the account settings will do this. When in sleep mode no actions will be made.
So, now account sleeps in the morning & one in the evening.

If you use embedded browser all will be undone of course.


Hi @Grillero

I don’t think I understand the question, maybe it got lost in the edit.
Jarvee is a good tool for me to increase the visibility of my brand and find new customers.
The user and scraping tools are great for finding the real influencers in my market (not IG influencers) and connecting with their network.

Also, I’m an engineer by training (20 years ago) so I enjoy learning a technical skill.


sleep mode would work but i need to do it multiple times a day.
I just need to be sure that, while 1 account it’s running, the second one, on the same proxy won’t send any type of actions.


I’m getting a lot of “please wait a few minutes” when trying to browse on mobile and the tool is running. Mostly with your settings @Avo.

How can I limit scraping/day so my account won’t get flagged?

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The only way I know to avoid this is to scrape from a different account and send the target users to the follow account, or reduce the number of filters you use.

I’m sure someone with more experience knows more…


Nice tutorial for beginners just starting out, I’m glad you took some time of your day to write this, it will definitely help a lot of people :+1:


Thank you so much for this guide, and taking some mystery out of something a bit daunting for a beginner. I m going to try Jarvee and use this as my initial guide. I only have 1 account but ultimately will have 5 accounts or more. Because of the big learning curve on this, and I need to get going asap, I ll use the amazon VPS and when I can figure out the proxies, do I switch the main account to that, or just leave it on the VPS for the remaining year? Is there any referral that I can get someone to help set me up with this ? particularly in Los Angeles?


Glad you like the guide

You will need proxies for all accounts running on the VPS, one each is best.
The VPS IP address may not work well as many say that AWS IP addresses are already known to IG.

Good luck with your setup!

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I d like to rephrase my question:
if I have an iMac and if for instance I want to automate only one account (my main account which is very important to me)

should I use VPS (with proxy) or AWS (with proxy) or raspberry proxy or install Virtual box on my iMac?

If my intention to have 3-5 accounts ultimately, which of the above?

I need to get started asap on my main account, so whats the easiest for immediate? I m thinking I should go to followliker until I get this other part figured out.

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Single account solution:
VPS is a Virtual Private Server (virtual computer), AWS is the provider (Amazon Web Services). So you will need a VPS on AWS.
If you have the tech skills, the raspberry proxy is a great solution and the best low cost solution to manage one account with a VPS. If not use datacenter proxies.
If you install virtual box on iMac it will be easy but your iMac will need to be switched on 24/7. For me this is a waste of a good iMac (I’m writing this on an iMac :slight_smile: ).

3-5 accounts:
You will need VPS & datacenter proxies.
Suggested solution…

  • 1 x VPS from AWS
  • 1 x raspberry proxy
  • 2-4 x datacentre proxies

If you think you will want 3-5 accounts then I would suggest to plan for 10 accounts, get them set up and warmed up.

Hope this helps


Great guide! I have a thread title suggestion to get more clicks.

Getting started in Jarvee - a starter guide for Brands & Businesses (by a brand/business for when your’e getting started) just starting out in getting your Brand or Business started.


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Gotta get those clicks
Gotta get those likes
Gotta get to L2

Title edited for easier reading


Can you send a link to the purchase site for a VPS on AWS as well as a rapberry proxy. I don’t know where to find these things any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Google and even more the forum search bar will be your best ally on this journey.
This is a place to share knowledge but nobody will spoonfeed you. :wink:

@Avo thanks for that guide! I am a bit lost in finding a proxy service for my accounts that I run via Jarvee. Until now I haven’t used a proxy but based on your guide it feels right to do so going forward. Currently, I run only 2 account via Jarvee, for follow-unfollow, like and posting. Eventually we will run 3-5 accounts. Any recommendation which proxy to use, how much I need to invest and how to set-up the proxies? I am a newbie in that field. Thanks!

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@Traveladdict glad you like the guide.

Datacenter proxies are cheap but getting more difficult to use with likes, posting and other features off limits. Also growing new accounts is particularly difficult as the limits seem to get tighter all the time.

If you search for mobile proxies on this forum you will find some suggestions and recommendations. I haven’t used them myself yet so can’t comment but they will allow you to do more. The datacenter proxies I use are linked in my guide.

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