Best tool to grow insta

I’ve been using a couple of tools to grow my insta sites over the past year. I ran across socialpilot dot co and wondered if anyone had any experience with it Has anyone had any success? If not, what tools are the best to use?

I have jarvee and have used it on a few accounts with decent success. Should I be using jarvee instead of socialpilot?.



Yes, you should use Jarvee.
Simple as that.


Are people really using something different than jarvee? :open_mouth:


I used instabot lol it’s fine for f/u method… probably will pay for jarvee in future but for something free to warm up accounts etc it’s fine…hard though to set up…had go through a few tutorials

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+1 for Jarvee. It is the most robust and consistently updated tool out there. It’s best just to get to know it know instead of something else. You’ll be glad you did when IG makes another big update and you have the flexibility to adjust your strategy without having to switch a bunch of accounts over to Jarvee then.


Does it matter where you run Jarvee? I was thinking about running a cloud server on azure or another such platform. Will that work well? Any things to watch out for?

Personally I prefer to run Jarvee through a VPS, it’s easier for me to manage imo.

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Yap, just use jarvee.
Thats one of the best.
I’ve tried a lot of tools.
And the result is jarvee.

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Thanks. I’m not level 2 yet, so where I can I learn about optimizing jarvee so that I can get the best growth without any major issues?

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Lot of thread discuss here in level 1 actually.

Or for more information you can use the search function.


Without any duobt: Jarvee

  • great support
  • low price
  • amaziong functions

Jarvee 10000%

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Thanks. I’ll check those out.