Ghost/Inactive Follower Clean Up

Hey there homies and homettes,
hope you’re all doing good!

I need an app or service that let’s me clean up/get rid of my ghost and inactive followers! Any suggestions?

Seen a few apps but they all have a limit and I’m sure some of you have a free to get this done!

Appreciate any tips :blush:


Here is the free version - :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, and am I right assuming that you profile pic is the monkey from Power Puff Girls? :smiley:

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Don’t have access :cry:

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You will have access after spending some more time in the forum, you can learn more about users levels at: User Levels Explained

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Did my username give that away? :wink:


I’m really bad with names, a pro with faces though :wink:

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Why can’t I access it?

Hi @YoungToast, sorry I edited your post. Please check your private messages.

can I get the access too? pls thanks.

I am not a mod and cannot give anyone access to anything.