Going Manual , is there any Software connect to cellphone doing follow and unfollow

hi.im getting crazy for instagram. and i think i need to buy a hundred celllphone for follow and unfollow. but its not possible if i doing this follow every hour . because hundred cellphone. 1 cellphone follow 500 following/day. is there any software connect to android phone to follow.like.and unfollow every hour? or maybe like an macro app for android

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So you’re not going manual? Im sure you can set up some sort of Marco but you’re not going to be able to put any sources into it


yes. thats another issue. maybe we just put a source target in the list imacro. and then after that imacro can do it. maybe any app like that.


Am actually doing manual now about 5 new tablets and 2 new laptops coming in🤣 will get back to automation soon enough tho lol

1tablet for how many account? how many follow and like/day? any get action blocked / PV ?

10 accs mainly i use another IG app GB insta usually been using it for over 1 year now no issues at all so 10 on each tablet 5 tablets plus my phone will be prolly 60 accs. I might need to hire and teach few people tho to get started but i have less than 6 clients or rather 6 now am only doing this for the future well.

how many follow and like/day for every account? didnt get any issue like PV/action blocked.
how long you have been doing this?

150 in the morning afternoon and evening. Just this month and i started getting action blocks. But that last maybe 3-4 days

after block.can you follow and like again? so basicly you followed 450/day?

Yes bro after the block i wait two days then do 150 or 300 a day for that week then start fully the next week

so you are saying u do 150 follows three times a day?

Have you heard of JARVEE ?

We have this figured out. You can find out more on https://mpsocial.com/t/account-compromised-solved-transfer-your-client-management-to-us-and-keep-earning/81037

Also, we’re able to do targeting and a number of other things.

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thats great, another lvl2 topic

needing likes bad :frowning:


haha just thought it might be useful to share to the OP :blush: That’s exactly what we’re doing and we’re not encountering and Accounts Compromised and are able to do a nice amount of interactions :raised_hands:t2:

you run perfectly without any action blocked? what kind of proxy you use?

The only types of blocks we’re seeing are occasional soft block (we follow a user and he get’s unfollowed, this goes away in 1-2h) and with certain profiles an action block (mainly abused profiles and ACs) which goes away in 24h

We’re using our own 4g mobile IPs

how many acc you run for 1proxy? max folloe and like /day? are you follow manual or using software?

Up to 5 accounts per IP, 500f/500uf/800 likes tested at no major issues. We are executing actions through android and ios real phones, however it is automated. It is our private solution. You can learn more about it in the marketplace

wow.amazing 800 likes per account. 1 proxy for 5account and you didnt get any block. and what do you mean about automatic? you didnt follow and like manualy?