Google and Huawei, what do you think?

As you might be aware Trump has done an executive order in order to forbid to sell or provide service to Huawei. Google following the orders suspended all the Huawei phones to use android and his services.
What do you think?

IMO this is a great move, for years most of the US and EU tech companies have been banned from China like The whole Facebook company (Instagram, messenger, WhatsApp), Snapchat, Google search, YouTube and many others while the Chinese company had completely free market in our countries.

If China wants to have free market in EU and US it must give free market to our companies.


Wow, this guy really has balls!

He is absolutely right, it is a little brutal, but it helps to favour American companies. Indeed, I find that China is taking a little too much advantage of its power as “the world’s factory”. This is not so surprising, it is totally in line with Trump’s policy.


Every problem arise opportunities - new advertising & marketplace incoming.

My personal view (from a European perspective) is that it’s a short term fix.

Refusing access to google will force them to develop their own OS which will in the long term be a rival to Android.
Chinese government will not like this action from the US and will probably support Huawei and others in developing a android/iOS rival.
Problem for the next president I guess.


Developing a new OS is not so difficult. The problem is with the apps. No developer looks forward to learn a third language to develop apps for a third OS. And I don’t want a phone without the app of my local bank, without Whatsapp, without Facebook, Youtube etc. Even if they succeed it will take years. And in that time they will not sell much.


That’s exactly it. Heck, Instagram developers for example don’t even make the effort to fix their Android version, let alone another OS.

If they are smart, they’ll develop something really close to Android to make it ‘easier’ for developers to port applications. Probably something like a Linux Kernel just like Android.

In addition to what you said, there are other Mobile Operating Systems who tried to enter the market but did not succeed massively. This was because manufacturers had the choice to get Android from Google.

However, in this case, as Huawei cannot use Google anymore, there is a possibility that they invest heavily in a new ecosystem and try to market their new OS just in China to get some traction till they get enough developers onboard to provide a full-featured ecosystem like Android or IOS.
But as you said, it will take time to set up and we don’t really know what can happen in between.

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This will be a short problem for them, then, it create the possibility for a chinese made OS, which is far more scary than what we face right now. It’s not easy at all, not gonna be ready soon, but if that’s the only way, they’ll do it, and china is a 1.3 billion market, so they will even find developers.


I think it will probably take some years till they convince my local bank to develop an app for Huawei OS. In in these years they will sell 0 phones here.

I think they are having a party now at Samsungs HQ in Korea.


US don’t really care about Huawei, this was just a move to gain more negotiating power and find an agreement with china. Both Us and China know that an economics war make both of the economies worse of. Us wants china to make easier for Us companies to enter the chinese market as now it’s really hard and most of the companies are banned.

Also, even if Huawei develop a new OS they need to build from scratch a new market, train devs, promote the platform and youtube, gmail and at that point facebook, instagram and all the US apps still will not be availble for that OS (since the os will be Huawei’s and as we know Trump banned it, hence it would be illegal to distribute american app on that OS).

Huge problem for Huavey and china, they will proprably find an agreement soon and hopefully our companies (europeans included) will have easier life in china.

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Also, you can’t legally publish an app there if you are from US, since that os will be banned being Huawei’s.

Ok, China create an OS then ? A phone that has no apps like youtube, spotify and all the American apps we use every day, I personally do not buy :disappointed_relieved:

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This is pure speculations ofc.

I agree with you all in the short term, this will be a major hit for the phone department of huawei, but in 2-3 years it’s a company capable to making a new os, similar to android to cause less trouble possible to developers, and i think you’re focusing on the european market, but all those big names aren’t that big in china ( fb, yt, gmail) and this will be a major opportunity for all those big china company to get even bigger, and the influence of china companys in asia is already strong. Next big revolution may be even native of this new OS, coming from china market (1.3 billion again) to all over the world.


Making an OS is pretty easy I think :slight_smile:

Btw why they couldn’t use android as this OS is an open source project ? Am I right ? (I am not an expert haha)

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Making a stable and reliable OS is not that easy. There are some other alternative but well far behind.
They can and probably will use the Open source version, but it doesn not come with any of the google apps, so no maps, no google play, etc. Slower updates. Not really what custumer expect.

They don’t use Android as it is owned by Google. It is developed by Google but becomes open-source after it has been published to the general public. As long as the next Android does not hit the market publicly, it is still owned by Google.

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No, they are all blocked. That is also so funny; They block half the internet, but Chinese apps and websites work here without problems.

They should say: You block Facebook ? Ok, than we will block aliexpress.

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Thanks for this precision <3

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The Chinese have been incredibly smart in copying things that already exist. With the means they have (and the government that should not let this go by without saying anything), I think we may be surprised :innocent: