Google+ groups campaign

I created a Google plus groups campaign. It’s a volume campaign. Selected what to post, where and when. Started the campaign. When I’m looking in history, I’m seeing that some of the posts have been posted successfully. So I click on the group name to see the post and is nowhere to be found. I don’t know what am I doing wrong. Can anyone help me?

Depends on the groups and on what you posted. On some groups admins can delete your content if they don’t like it. Also, if you post too fast and the same exact content G+ could ghost or even remove your posts entirely.

Do some limited testing with 1-2 groups, see that everything is working ok then increase the number of posts, make sure you post high quality stuff and not posts that look spammy and ideally use spin syntax so you don’t leave traces in the form of the same text, leave enough time between each posts.