Google+ Shutting down

Google+ is shutting down


Oh wow, that caught me off guard. I was just about to test a new angle on Google plus. Shame :grimacing:


So sad to hear this. Google really has suffered since the emergence of other apps

Not really a surprise - it wasn’t a big success for Google. I’m actually surprised they let it hang on so long.

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Probably because of how integrated it was for a while into every Google service, they forced it on everyone starting with YouTube, failed at making it stand out on its own, and then slowly started undoing all those annoying integrations.

It seems like more of an excuse for removing it now, which is a shame for people who were able to make it work for them, but a loss to nobody else, like Google Buzz or Wave.

wondering will Google kill off other failed items too. Possibly to concentrate on their core business – advertising.


I think mainly for fews active users:)

among other app killings, they got rid of Orkut years back, a socialmedia space that was only popular in Brazil…

Not really surprised here, it wasn’t that popular in the first place. Kinda makes me think if the data breach was just an excuse to shut it down.

If i am the boss of google, I will close it also…really not a good product…It’s related to the gmail accounts, which much good for work or others.
I think big G can use their youtube for social media! for it’s much related to fun!

would not be suprised if youtube is also sold.