Google voice allows 1 number to 1 instagram

been using google voice numbers for my IG and it has been working out great. BUT the only problem is that with a regular sim card, IG is currently allowing 3 IG’s attached to the phone number, but with google voice, it is 1 GV for 1 IG

but I get all my sms coming through on re-verifications. however, I do pay $1 per all my google voice. I usually buy 200 gvoice at a time.

will work with twitter next.

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Hey outside IG do you use GV numbers for anything else?

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How is it $1 per google voice? I don’t see that option

is thi s still an option, i have tried this and it won’t call the GV number

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Kinda same topic but different lines and might be why. I use 2 different phone number apps on my iPhone to get PV crap cleared. Last 2 weeks those same apps send me codes to verify my phone ? And I been using them for months and other for years :scream:

interesting, would be an easy way to solve verification issues

Burner is proven for me on iPhone …some times don’t get codes as others … get new number and back in business. 100 percent success rate. It’s the time to do it killing me

I use Line2, it is for business, but that is $10 per month


Burner is 5 a month per line

unlimited lines per iphone ? or 1 per device

One line one device …

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