Goso.io - HyperPrime Scam or Legit?

i saw on a website that they do a method that makes simply lot of accounts visit your account like a real personn with being magically ‘undectable’ lol …

for me i think it’s just some scammy pannels stuff as this things what do you think of this guys , many names about fake stuff where you can make better result using own accounts slaves

i am not selling anything i even think this is just to scam people i just want to know what do you thin about it ?

Do you have a link? Are you marketing this?

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no idea what this is can you give more info

i just added the link so you have idea

Search goso.io on different marketing boards

it seems like such a scam you have to make an account just to see the price?

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Seems like a way to get your email and send you offers and what not

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Yup, I’ve been keeping an eye on goso for a while. They popped up out of no where in 2017 and seem pretty dominant on Instagram. I can say that I don’t use any of their services as I don’t need them as my account is doing just fine.

Regarding BlackHatWorld, I saw the posts and followed the threads. It was posted around the same time that every service was hit by Instagram. No service worked at this time and everyone was complaining about every single company that supplied likes. The same happened to Fuelgram at the exact same time.

The poster was found out to be a competitor of goso and has multiple accounts. He was out to hurt goso by promoting that everyone gives them a fake 1 star review everywhere. You can see from all the links, the same individuals pop up to promote negativity to them. They were out to damage goso and they succeeded by the looks of things.

By all means, I do not support or endorse goso, but word on the block is that they are doing well. I even lost one of my past customers to goso. So yeah fuck them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The issue with goso wasnt that they were hit and couldnt deliver per se. SMM people understand and have patience. The issue was that they sent out fake followers and all that crap ruining peoples IG accounts and lying about it. It’s about how they unprofessionally approached it after on top of that with threats. I mean if you can mane big money be prepared when it goes south. That’s what i can read from the posts on bhw


Vinnie, as in Vincent Valentine aka Goso? Lmao


Lol didnt even notice at first. I start to remember the same type of replies from the reviews again.Funny and sad at the same time… @SheriffWoody

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LOL! I wish :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Aren’t you called Vincze? as Vincze is short for Vincent! as in Vincze Valentine from goso? you are goso?


C’mon man, you’re fooling no one here.