Got action blocked for a week, how can I still post?

So basically I was testing something on one of my larger accounts (stupid, I know) and I got a week long action block. I still need to post on that account so I’m wondering if there’s any workarounds.

I have heard that you can use one of a few special apps like Hootsuite or later to publish anyways using auto publish, is that true?

And if it is true, I would have to switch to a business profile to do it, would i lose my creator insights and organized inbox when I switched back?

did you get a hardblock? you can post without captions



I did, I guess no captions are better then nothing, thanks!

try it, you can always delete the post. test it

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Yes, it works. Thank you so much.

You can still post a small sentence, if you’re caption blocked. Try a few times, but 10 to 20 words should still work :slight_smile:

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No hashtags though, right?

A few hashtags could be allowed. I say “could” because i already managed to post 5-10 hashtags while being caption blocked :slight_smile:

But can’t guarantee it


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My personal advice would be not to post during blocks. Your engagement will be very low, and your trust score won’t improve as easily after the block. Just wait it out!

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What about me im getting 24hour blocks obe after another for no reason.How can i post ?

post with out captions

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It worked but cant put my hashtags anywhere :disappointed_relieved:

Wtf now my other account got an 24 hour block

what if you commented them from another account?

Tested, only a few tags work before the post dosen’t show up anymore.

better then nothing?

Didn’t anybody try password reset?

It wont get reach

Its driving me crazy i got blocked again after two likes

I tried password change and password reset same result