Got restricted from posting to FB groups

Hey guys i just got restricted on FB for a week - this is the message i got:
“You’re temporarily restricted from joining and posting to groups until December 13 at 8:00am.”

I was sharing my fb page’s posts (from 2-3 different fb pages) to around 60-70 groups per day total with this account but i was sharing them to relevant/targeted music groups as i’m a musician, so i wasn’t just spamming to irrelevant groups.

Do you think someone reported my posts as spam and that was why i got restricted or can you get restricted if you simply post (share) to a lot of groups even without getting reported by anyone? And if so how many daily group shares/postings have you found to be safe when using an active, aged fb account?

Posting a lot could be the reason. And 60-70 posts per account per day is definitely a lot. Slow down :slight_smile:

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Try limiting your posting to 10 - 20 groups per day per account. That means you would need to have a lot of accounts if you want to share to a lot of groups.


Well, fortunately fb is decent with these restrictions, you get back the posting ability quite soon. You can get to posting to 60-70 groups but they need to be allowing that, and you need to grow it gradually, not start with that.


Do you really think it’s possible to post to 60-70 groups with just one account?

Yes, i have a couple that post like that, they are very old though and used to post to a couple hundred groups a day back in the day, so the activity was always there, also the groups are well picked.

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Yes it is. But need very strong accounts. My accounts are ~1 year old, created by me and all daytime doing smth, now posts 50-80 group posts per day without any spintax. At the begin of my accs life they got restricted after less then 10 posts. :slight_smile: so it’s normal. Just wait and try to increase your acc actions, but very slowly, and be patient.

Also don’t post same link on different accounts, and sometimes it’s very good to post somewhere smth neutral ( pics or yt videos )

yes, i do that as well, i have rss feeds posting to the wall of all accounts 3-9 times per day.

i believe it s impossible to post 60 / 70 post per day ?

i myself post 14 post hardly and if i did more, my account got restricted immediately

I posted once 150 groups/day with one account (1 month ago) but got banned after 2 days so it’s not worth it…

I Never posted more then 20 post per day and i believe this is maximam
whatever i did in the passsed with accounts, next day i get a message from fbook telling me Ur accounts have been used for spam :slight_smile:

that’s probably because you actually spam and people report your posts, your account can’t take too many reports from other people. If you post good stuff, you will get less to no reports and will be able to post a lot more

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I Don t know johnny !!!
actually what i post are just HOT GERGOUS Girls with a simple Text like
( i am Single ) or ( Anyone want to cam with me stuff like that )
once people check out my profile they could see links :slight_smile: that is how i play on fbook. post are cool and a little bit nudity to attact maximam people

Your posts getting reported. Posts with emoji also have more attraction.

i am using amateur photos which looks like real and i have no idea if it s being reported or not ?
how can i know if it s reported ?
i mean how can i passby this iusse?
i am currently using amateur photos …

what s emoji ?

There is few ways to see your account is fake or no. Anybody can report you. Example -> your profile photo is different, than in your post with amateur. Fake -> report :slight_smile:

Cool smileys :smiley:

no dude
i am using almost real profiles with Albums of amateur Girls or women just to look like real profile
once i post Link, i started to get messages as Fake or just advertise but without Links profiles looks real without doubte.

~ two weeks ago started to post similar posts. Like chat with Oksana blalabla + 2 photos. Didn’t had any bans yet. But have seen comments like fake fake fake … :slight_smile: but my profile picture is different that in my posts. So can see that there is two different people.

bufff does not make sense
get full amateur albums and post same pictures of same person to get ride off it
by the way are U using MP ? With alot of accounts?

I every day post different girl, so too lazy to change pics :smiley: Yes I use MP, ~50 fb accs