Grow one account with Jarvee - some questions

Helo everyone!
I decided to grow my account to try to emerge and have more visibility in the photographic field. My reference niche would be travel / photography. Searching on the internet here and there I arrived in this wonderful forum and I have been reading for two days anything that might be useful. I came to the conclusion that using Jarvee for f/uf is the best method for a small account like mine to grow (about 700 followers now), right? Or are there better methods I have not read? Having to work on just one account and having intention to do it in VPS how is it better to behave? Do I have to buy a proxy? Can it be a problem if the proxy I purchase has an IP of a country different from mine (Italy)? Can I still manually operate from the phone without risking even while Jarvee is running (for example, upload a post from my phone)? If someone could give me a hand it would be great! Obviously, if taking a look at my account (same name of this on the forum), believe there are no real possibilities for growth, be brutal in saying it, I’ll be grateful anyway!


Hi, welcome to the forum. I’m new myself but have been reading this forum for about 10 days and been extensively using Jarvee for 9 days now. Not an expert but I have some knowledge to share based on my short experience on the forum + my Jarvee usage.

I grow 60-100 followers a day by f/u depending on how many people I actually follow. Usually I follow from 300 to 500 a day. However, I started with following around 100 per day and steadily grew the number of people I would follow every day, not going over 500 now.

I do use instagram from my phone from time to time while my Jarvee is running on my home computer. Not using any proxies which should be OK for 1 account, but judging by what people say you SHOULD use a proxy if you’re growing more than 1 account.

The big question is, how old is your account? My account was created in 2012 or 2013 (can’t remember) but I barely used it until last year. The older the account, the safer it is do use Jarvee and/or similar tools. That’s why there is a whole market of buying and selling old unused accounts. If your account is new you might get hit by instagram asking you for phone verifications etc.

Also, I reviewed your content and it’s seems to be really appealing, there’s clearly a theme and you seem to write engaging captions which is great.


Thank you very much for the quick reply and for having looked at my profile, I am very happy with your response! The account was created in 2012, used more or less frequently and passed to business last year (I don’t know if this could affect in any way). Do you think it’s old enought? I guess it’s safe to try to use Jarvee, carefully, and try to grow. I’ll get to work, hoping to get results like yours that would already be great for me.

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No worries. Yes, 2012 is as old as my account so you should be safe. Start slowly, don’t suddenly follow 500 people in a day. You could start with setting the follow limit between 50-100 on the first day and increase it by 50-100 every day. Give people 2 days before you unfollow those who are not following you back. I wouldn’t suggest unfollowing those who did follow you back unless their account is really trash. You can do it later once your account is big. Try to keep your number of followers above the number of people you follow, this little thing affects people’s decision to follow you.

Also, create a list of sources you are going to use for automatic following. Try some competitors’ followers but don’t use someone with 500k followers as a source. Those people get random followers because of the social proof their account has, so their followers might not be interested in your niche. Try some photographers with below 50k followers.

Experiment with sources and settings, what worked for me might not work for you and vice versa.

DONT run follow and unfollow in jarvee at the same time, only one at a time. Your goal is making your Jarvee actions as human-like as possible, so also set up a cooldown time after some actions.


All the information i see stated above is accurate.

I see you have a question on proxies. If you’re using a VPS, you will definetly need to purchase a proxy. The VPS ip is probably flagged by IG and could get you banned, or cause problems.

I would recommend reaching out to @HenryCooper and requesting for a mobile proxy from him. He’s quiet expensive, (4$/proxy which can only handle one account), but it is super safe to run accounts on them.

There is no issue of running an account on two different ips in two different countries. Client Management people (like myself) do it on virtually every account.

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I’ve had 0 problems running follow/unfollow at the same time. Your timing is more important than what actions you’re doing. If you run them 24/7 you’re gonna have issues. If set an interval from like 7am-11pm it looks human like. Or even more intervals in that time frame.

Thanks. I’ve heard people mention having issues like PV etc. when running both at the same time, so I thought I would warn the topic starter, especially considering he’s just getting started.

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@leithmotiff Thanks again for all the advice, your intervention was really precious, I’m definitely in debt with you! :wink:
@endl3ss I think I will use the free services for a year of amazon for the VPS and if things are like you say maybe it is appropriate to buy a proxy, I would not risk closing the account. Is the case of waiting for @HenryCooper answer this post or I can contact him directly in private for more information about it?
@Connor_Lipke I think I will follow your suggestion, leaving jarvee working in that time slot, even doing f / uf actions at the same time if there is no risk. is it the case to set up an entire day of rest or can I work 7/7?

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open a ticket here.


On new accounts I have it set to rest on the weekends. Aged accounts I run 7am-11:59pm 7 days a week.


You can contact me on any channel of your choice :slight_smile:

My Telegram handle is in my profile.

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Thanks, I sent you a message on telegram to get some information :wink: I’ll wait a reply there.

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Is there any way to hire out and have someone do this for you. I have enough to do with other aspects of my busines. Any referals for Jarvee?

Hey! I have seen people pointing to you when someone needs a good mobile proxy. Can I message you here or on Telegram with some questions before I start doing my thing. Thanks in advance for your time.

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Feel free to message me on any channel :slight_smile:

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I have sent you a message :slight_smile:

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So, I started using Jarvee, I will keep you updated (if it may interest) on the results that I can get, but in the meantime something I could not find, even looking here on the forum: at the moment I’m using Jarvee exclusively for f/uf, is it possible to see the skip rate of the sources I have selected? For example, how many accounts are skippered due to the exclusion parameters I have chosen? I would like to understand if I am making the most of the sources and if these are correct according to my needs. Thanks a lot.

You can always contact Jarvee support, never had to use it myself but the legend says they’re very good at providing help.


Thank you, I will try to contact them :wink:

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hello everyone! congratulations guess_90 I took a look at your instagram profile and it looks amazing!
I was following this conversation because I have to following doubt… I have a spare computer at home which I don’t use for anything, would it be safe to use it for growing just one account?

Thank you very much

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