Growing Business account on instagram

Hii, I’m new here…,
I try to grow my business with Instagram, you can look at my account

I’m a graphic designer, so I want to looking for some clients by using Instagram,
Anyone can explain to me how to grow it?

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Mate, all you need is in the forum, the forum is literally based on this. Just start reading, best suggestion i can give you right now is:
Drop the spoon feeding mentality.


Yes sir, i’ve watch in this forum,
i just need suggestion from some friends that have experience before,

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I made a guide for you… also, content is king so get your IG feed looking impressive and go find those customers.


Just search the forum and you will have thousands of followers in no time.

Step 1: Content - You need more of it aside from 1 post.
2: Get a trial of JARVEE and learn how to grow your account
3: Instagram is just one aspect of marketing. IG leans towards graphics, so really show your skills on IG and use JARVEE for the other social media sites.

EDIT: @Avo 's guide is really the perfect one to get started.


Thank you for your tips

A few points from me:

  1. Familiarise yourself with search function.

  2. If you need a proper 101, there are quite a few guides about literally everything on this forum.

  3. Even if you think that you know IG, take a step back and look again.

  4. There is one picture on your IG posted over a month ago and that’s not good. Post every day.

  5. If you prefer a visual help, there are links to video guides on this forum not so well hidden, but you need to master point 1 to get to them.

Also, there is a similar thread which has got a few useful tips -> Too few follow backs

Best of luck with your Insta journey :+1:

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Go slow at first. There is soo much info. Start with setting up Jarvee, learn the basics and build on it from there.