Too few follow backs

Hello everyone.
My name is Federico, I’m new here in the forum but I’m looking forward to sharing my experience with you and helping each other.

I would like to ask you an opinion.
I set Jarvee with fairly high values ​​like 1100 follow / day 150 comments / 1200unfollow / day.
But I still get a few followers.
What do you think it may depend on?

This is my account:

Content is still the key factor, source targeting comes after that

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1.You post like once a month
2.Average content that looks like a million other users
3.You didn’t show sources or settings for us to help


thank you I hadn’t thought of it. I’m in good faith :slight_smile:

ok so I should post more (the problem is to create content … I am not one who likes to take photos, etc.)

What does point 2 mean?

As resources, I chose the 2 cities in which I have business

I couldn’t read

Yes you will need more content so instagrams algorithm favors your content if its consistent.

Point 2 means you cant expect people to follow you back if you aren’t posting content thats interesting. So take more pictures when you are on vacation,cruises, restaurants near important landmarks (like your eiffel tower pictures)

Find influencers or other popular business men in your cities and target their followers and compare the followback ratio to see if that gives better results.

Are there tools to find people in specific niches in specific locations?

i moved it to lvl 2. Is this ok @wortime

edit : moved it back not 100% sure


Wortime isn’t real.
The earth is flat.


The search bar is your friend.


OP curious are u sending DMS with link or without

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dm without link

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that’s for level 2 only. I don’t think he can view that yet

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Y’all were never vaccinated, were you?


@Koba good call OP just recently joined today

@Federico_Noise Your best bet long term would be to become active and contribute to the forum and unlock level 2

Short term you can give this a trial run and see if it helps

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Hi @Federico_Noise

Took a look at your profile and can’t understand what you do and the point of the profile. Adding content to your bio about you in bullet points would be a good start, so people visiting can quickly understand who you are, what you do and why you do it. An inspirational quote in your bio doesn’t tell anyone anything.

Follower targeting is going to be the next big thing, you might need to be more specific with the type of people you want to target. I can’t tell who your profile is for.

Edit: also welcome to the forum!


I know you love @SwagWaffle and me :kissing_heart:


thank you so much!

Your profile doesn’t communicate anything clearly. When I visit for the first time it just looks like a normal person posting pictures of themselves and making some of them into quotes.