Growing Instagram accounts with automation - Is this still working in 2021?

Hey guys, i wanted to ask if growing instagram accounts with automation(Jarvee) still works currently? Are you able to do it? Or you run into follow blocks very quickly?


It is important to gain some followers related your niche. you can do it manually or by using automation to make people follow your page . instagram then recommends it to larger audience similar to your followers. it’s good to get data of those people who interact with other pages
I hope it helps you

July 2020 Update: Jarvee no longer works as well as it used to. It is still functional but gets blocked fairly often. This is due to an update with Instagram’s algorithms. Most bots and tools now have this problem, but there are a few available that still run smoothly – so be sure to pick one wisely.


It’s still doable. But as usual, not as easy as it used to be. If you fail with public softwares, hire a dev if you’re not able to do the automation process yourself. This should do the trick

It’s working for me. I am going slow, and getting blocks here and there but nothing serious.


I’m still a user for years now, i can assure you that JV is working but many users get confused on what to do and what not which lead to blocks and verifications then they leave the software.

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They are still working. In fact, they are working hard to solve all these problems. They already implemented two different solutions that should help a lot: “Enable API full emulation” and "USE ONLY THE EMBEDDED BROWSER."

But at google there is updated that Jarvee is no longer working from JULY 2020. May be you are old user thats why?

What exactly did this algorithm change?

Let’s say that it was very easier before mid-2019. Now, only a bunch of experienced users can claim to make it sadly

Better going into consulting with some of them, or finding an alternative if you don’t want to spend months on mastering it

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Can you paste here the link that says they are stopping in July?

I don’t think automation will ever died. It’s just the level of mastery to adapt to the changes thrown out by IG that makes a difference. Many users have abandoned automation because of been impatient and wanting results immediately. Also, a lack of understanding because many users do not want to conduct their own tests concerning account creation, bots, proxies, etc. My advice to you is to be patient and test “Everything.”


Yes, its doable but you need to be prepared to roll with the punches IG throws.

When I started a year ago It was tough, but I figured it out. But once in a while IG would change things and then you have to learn how to adapt fast or you lose.

My advice is to start slow and test everything. Accounts, proxies, scrapers, sources… everything.
Faster you go the harder it is to pull back when Instagram changes things.

Still working fine, it’s not like it used to be, but if you know what you are doing, you will be able to succeed. Try to test and learn, and contact the Jarvee support team if you have any issues/questions.

I guess you read this search result on google and thought JV stopped working completely. There was indeed a big IG update last year, but JV team has managed to release tons of updates since then that have made it possible for us to continue working with the software until now. You should try it.

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Many options are not working any more.

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But why many options are not working for me?

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thanks for shearing.

As long as you are using proxies and browser masking software, you should be okay. There will always be blocks, but with trial and error you can find the right method.

remember to farm for cookies or you wont be trusted…insta and facebook have pixels everywhere that will track you as you brose. Use it to your advantage!

like what exactly? what many options that are not working for you ? can you give more details