Growing & monetising a niche page - my journey

Thank you all!

Ill do a little update for now.

Architecture page:
Haven’t been working much on this, been posting one a day but i think my followers are all inactive. Wondering if i should scrap that and start again with a new account? Any insight to this would be great…

Culture Page:
This has been going really well. Had a couple of action blocks but managed to get rid of all of them thankfully. Spent £60 on shoutouts, thought id try it and if it worked invest a bit of money for growth, but again unsure as im not level 2 and don’t have a ton of knowledge about this! but growth is really good and engagement/fanbase is growing daily.

I used a 3 day free trial of mass story viewer as another test after reading a great guide on here. my tagline was:

  • I can see into the future, if you follow our page i promise you’ll be inspired for years to come, have a wonderful day (emoji) (emoji)

Results were great. I had over 100 dms, 90% saying thank you, 5% were slightly annoyed 1 told me to fuck off. - Ill take it :slight_smile: Bare in mind this is a week old page (after warmup)

Account #1 - FASHION
Creation date: 15/04/20 - made it a few months before but lets call that a warm up stage!
Posts: 59 + 30
Followers: 658 +341
Following: 670
Profile views this week: 4.2k

Stats as of this evening.


what service did you use for the free trial of mass story viewer?

the shoutouts don’t seem to give you significant followers increase. how many followers does the account you bought shoutout from have?

Agreed I wasn’t super happy with the results…

I got 3, all from 60-150k followers all with good engagement.

I think my account will grow just fine without shoutouts but it was worth a try.

If you have any other options for finding better pages I’m all ears but these were the big pages in my niche

Good luck, how do you plan on monetizing them? At least get a website setup with Ad Sense, maybe put articles up that you can honestly just rewrite a bunch of ones with good feedback.

Well I’m still open to suggestions and also learning. But I’m founder of a collective of artists so I’m thinking of producing something (maybe merch?) within my company and sell that. Usually we create visuals for brands but could also work on clothing.

Also been looking at dropshipping and affiliate too, but all info welcomed!

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I’ve been trying a bit of affiliate marketing, just a tip, you will be better off selling a low ticket item or service compared to a high ticket one. In my case, I was marketing IG courses for accounts with only around 60k and they were charging a lot of money for them (97$). So if your going to affiliate my tip is to just go with something a bit cheaper :wink: Hope I was some help!

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Thanks for the tip! Im thinking of selling my presets as im a photographer, although i find that very cringe. but yeah im thinking of selling either a hoodie with a print that ive/one of my creatives has designed OR a piece of jewlery that links in with photography some how

Will do a stat update this eve but ive found a work around to get this story viewer for free constantly… Not sure how long it’ll last as theyre doing an offer atm, but can basically extend the free offer indefinitely. Someone messed up on their end :smiley:

Wont post links in this thread but if you’re curious feel free to DM me.


Those presets sound nice! I just chucked you a PM regarding the story viewer :slight_smile:

Yeah we shall see! thanks bud

sent you a reply

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Hey, so i need a bit of advice…

the page is growing really well and engagement on posts is great.
Ive recently starting doing live videos once a week where i get another creative, usually my friend, in a different artistic field to come on and chat with me about anything creative. Done it for 2 weeks and had great feedback from the people who tuned in.

The problem i have is getting more people engaged, maybe im impatient and that will come. But whenever i put a poll/question on my story to gain feedback its just completely spammed with bots (ironic i know) so theres never any real questions or insights from my audience, which is strange as i know people are engaged and like the idea. Any help with that appreciated.

Architecture page:
Decided to stop working on this until my other page is big and has its own traction. Its tagged in the bio and i post once a day so hoping growth will be very slow but steady without any work.

Culture page:
Doing really well, slowed down since i stopped mass viewer, although it was great to get things off the ground i dont want my engagement to be based on a bot as im trying to create more than just a repost page and turn it into a creative community.

Account #1 - FASHION
Creation date: 15/04/20 - made it a few months before but lets call that a warm up stage!
Posts: 71 +22
Followers: 831 +173
Following: 880
Profile views this week: 4.8K - Dropped slightly last night from stopping mass story.

So any help with the above question, as i said, engagement is good but story interactions are bad and if i get any theyre bots.

Starting a weekly schedule, sundays we do creative chat & thursdays we do an event - DJ/artist/musician etc.

Not sure how it will fair from a marketing point of view but I have tonnes of creative contacts so if this works out it can be done for the long run. Thoughts?


Another update:

Don’t want to spam, but also would love if you guys could answer the questions above, or provide any insight!

I got ANOTHER free trial of story views so decided to keep going with it for a while. It really helps my growth, i stopped for 2 days and really saw the difference. The growth was still really good but not great.

Furthering on about the marketing/monetising side I had a good idea I’d like to run by you guys:
Make a competition of ‘submit your artwork’ and get people to make some logos.

I select my favourite, 1-3 designs, and then could use those designs for prints on hoodies etc that i could sell via insta link and give a % to the artist per item sold. Not only will it engage my audience but also I get to make money for no work :slight_smile:

Again im brand new to this but it sounds like a solid plan

Account #1 - FASHION
Creation date: 15/04/20 - made it a few months before but lets call that a warm up stage!
Posts: 76 +5
Followers: 913 +82
Following: 969
Profile views this week: 4579

I guess ill just post stats for my own motivation

Account #1 - CULTURE
Creation date: 15/04/20 - made it a few months before but lets call that a warm up stage!
Posts: 82+6
Followers: 1058 +145
Following: 1000
Profile views this week: 4721

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Nice! Going well by the look of it.

How long do you expect to run the story viewer for? Also, it looks like you’ve given up on unfollowing - why’s that?

P.S. DM’d you about the viewer

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thanks bud.

im having a lot of trouble with notifications atm, recently made a post asking about it. Therefore i changed my pw as i was getting action blocked which i thought was due to 3rd party, but since then its continued to randomly block me even on the first action of the day. And every time i log out to remove the block my push notifications just stop.

Therefore ive stopped story viewer, may do one more 3 day run of it in a week or two.

Im sticking at 1k followers, 500 was a bit too low and the turnover was too fast

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Thanks for the heads up. I’ll give the story viewer a miss then as safety is number 1 with this account.


Sounds good! Limited edition runs, once per month competition might keep people engaged and vying for it? Something like that to induce scarcity. Can always tease them and send each run to your creatives friends first as influencers.

How about crowd sourced LUTs? Take a commission from each sale.

Rewritten evergreen content with photography tips (if that fits with the demographics on the page) plus adsense. If you do this, it might make sense to grow a FB page alongside it

One of the other folks here will be more knowledgeable regarding ‘black hat’ monetisation, but I would say it depends on how you want to treat this audience as to which route you go down.


wow great reply. I hadn’t thought of giving the first bunch out to friends, i have quite a strong network of ‘famous’ creatives within the industry so that would definitely work.

Great, regarding a facebook page, is it sufficient for me to just auto post the ones from insta to facebook?

I don’t want to stretch myself too thin as I want to grow this asap and put all my attention to it

one more question, as you mentioned LUTs I could make my own but instead is it feasible to reach out to other photographers who have a following and sell their presets through the page? - now ive typed this it sounds like this is what you meant, just not sure what you mean by crowd sourced

Sorry, one more thing; Im new to adsense, do you mean get a domain & blog - make evergreen photography content - post to blog - get paid when someone visits the blog?
thanks again great insight

Auto posting/reposting/cross posting is a sound method to keep a Faceook page moving. Once a week chuck in a longer caption or a ‘blog’ style post and you’re good.

Yep, that’s what I meant - sorry I wasn’t clear.

Yep. One of the things in my niche that works really well is getting budding, early stage influencers (like micro micro sized who want to build a name) to write a blog that gets put up with minimal time and effort. There is still some editing work so I personally avoid that.

It would probably be easier to just rehash evergreen photography tips/guides (for instance, there are always people wanting Peter McKinnon’s 8 top camera hacks from one of his first videos!) and upload those to a website alongside a gallery of the people’s LUTs and work you’re selling (obvs with permission). Place it next to a shop and boom.

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wow great thank you.

This is what i love about IM marketing, learning something new every day! At what point typically do pages start being able to monetise? I don’t want to do it too early and make it look like im just out for money but also don’t want to miss opportunities - my bio link is still empty, not sure what to put there just yet. Was holding off till a bit later.

Will do a stat update tomorrow but i ditched the architecture page, for 2 reasons, one it was simply unmonetiseable and secondly, as it was a 4 year old inactive account i don’t think i was able to revive it, some posts got 100 likes, but most got 6

Because of this ive started up a brand new account around minimalism, something i love and it ties in well with my main page so will update accordingly!

Thanks - P.s im 1 like away from level 2 :wink: