Growing & monetising a niche page - my journey

First, I hope you get the level two! You’ve been providing some great value recently so you deserve it :+1: I’ll answer your DM later on today.

As an aside, I thought I’d put this link on the thread publicly so anyone else visiting down the line can get pointed in the right direction. Regarding hashtags:

In case you haven’t seen it, this new tool seems really useful for building hashtag sets. The minimum likes to trend is very nice.

Don’t be afraid of monetizing. Some people find it difficult to monetise a large account that was never built with that in mind, whereas small companies with small social media reach happily and unashamedly sell their brand and make money doing it.

If the goal is to make money, I would treat your new network pages like funnels for the main page (like a more professional looking mother/slave style set up).

You can also big up the charitable nature of your work. You’re helping people to get their name out there and providing other people with a platform to sell (you just take a cut behind the scenes). You’re like an agency or gallery.


Thank you. Really great replies I’ll make sure to study everything you’ve mentioned!

Currently still building an audience but got me excited to monetize so I’ll be working of little ways to implement it whilst my audience is fairly small

Put a timetable together, every Sunday I chat with a creative who’s usually top of their field and on fridays I get friends of mine to perform (yesterday my friend did a Dj set and next week someone is going to perform an acoustic set.

These don’t have a lot to do with marketing but it’s definitely making the community stronger and have had loads of great feedback about it.

Apart from that I’m just posting 3-5 times a day, trying to do 20 f/uf per hour (usually every couple of hours) and have started to hit pages up in my niche that are my size to do cross promotion. Going well thus far

From what I’ve seen other pages the same size as mine have a lot less engagement and also a lot poorer quality content

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All this insight and guidance is super helpful so keep it coming!


So i started a discussion over on:

about best ways to monetise so any help there would be great!

I cant stress enough how good they are if you use them right and its the #1 thing helping me grow atm

Every post in the last few days has got over 300 likes and about 60% have got between 800-1200 which is crazy for a 1k follower page.

Ive been unable to do F/UF for a couple of days because after following about 5 people it doesnt load and says ‘cannot load users’ so i cannot be sure if they follow me or not. Super annoying and if anyone has a fix id appreciate it! It usually goes away after about an hour and then does it again after another 5 or so follows

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Going really well and the engagement is really exciting for future monetisation


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Also to add:
Aswell as the instagram page me and my girlfriend have made a website which is a blog/ecommerce where we will be posting evergreen photography content, interviews with creatives and also looking into starting podcasts on youtube.

Its all very exciting.

Wow, growing more than the 10% daily, mostly with mass history view?

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What’s your strategy to build hashtag sets with MetaHashtags? I haven’t tried it yet apart from putting in “Travel” and getting a bunch of massive tags :rofl: A lot of people seem to like it so it’s interesting.

no, it was but i stopped that over a week ago, im just posting good content and using the right hash tags for now.

@Young i use flick and use filters that corrolate with my engagement and so far its been going great

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Will do a little update.

Things are going really well, were getting increased engagement and followers per day, and i worked out if i get 75 followers daily on average then ill be at 10k in 4 months which is great, and currently were getting between 90-150 daily so that’s perfect.

We set up a website with the instagram feed as the homepage and wrote our first blog post about Culture and Creatives. Very in-depth and maybe too intellectual for most to engage with (could be wrong) but we’ve also wrote up one about top 8 tips, one about editing and have some interviews with creative friends about their journey.

In conclusion i think were heading in a very promising direction, its evolved from just an IG page into an online platform, and now my girlfrie
nd is involved were setting up Pinterest etc to drive even more traffic to the website.

We have a general idea how we’re going to monetise it but any other ideas are welcomed that we can build off!

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you are doing great @SBG :+1:

A little update, had a lack of motivation to do much recently, still managed to post 2-3 times a day but that was it. Currently averaging about 50 followers a day this week without liking/following

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Not bad, feel my motivation coming back so will get back to it.

Aswell as the IG page we now have 2 podcasts + 3 blog posts on our platform, and have ordered some merch to test!


Good job! You’re growing off viral posts now since you said you stopped f/u and liking?

Well im really not sure, i had a few viral ones the other week but recently no, I think its just from people sharing etc. Due to setting up weekly live chats/live DJs etc etc its really starting to pick up momentum

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been watching and your doing very good.

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Thank you! The momentum is gaining indeed.

I have a question for you guys, were trying to increase our mailing list as the platform is growing to be bigger than just instagram and a mailing list sounds the best way to promote everything were doing.

So, Im looking for overall suggestions on increasing the mailing list and more specifically: we have been finding instagram profiles of people that are more than likely interested in our platform. We have then scraped their names and emails and were going to add them to our mailing list.

Is this allowed as they haven’t opted into joining the list? Is there any law to say we can’t find emails and email them about our platform?


I’m pretty sure you’re UK based, but this is location specific:

GDPR is the big one - you’ll be processing enough personal data and effectively marketing in a way that you would probably fall within its remit. Note, it still applies until the Brexit transition period ends, and will most likely apply immediately afterwards.

UK anti-spam laws are the other ones. They seem to allow cold-emailing to businesses/business addresses.

Caveat emptor - buyer beware. You can probably do it and ‘get away with it’, but you should also consider brand image.

A safer way would be to find a good way to ask every follower if they want to join.

Great thank you.
Does this still apply if ill be emailing about the things on the platform (blogs/youtube videos etc) rather than selling a product?

I am asking my current followers to sign up & they are, but not as many as id like so I thought it might be worth finding my target audience that hasn’t found the platform yet and reaching out to them about what were doing

I’m not an expert but I would say yes, it still applies. It’s probably worth researching those two things with respect to the UK and Europe. Other countries/areas may be different.

Here are two good links to look at:

My takeaway? Email accounts you can verify as American :sweat_smile:

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Thanks, ive decided to steer clear of it, its going well already and don’t want to be caught out by some grey area tactic.

Again, due to weather and getting back into skating i haven’t been as motivated, still posting 3x a day and also doing some story features like 1 or 2? but not doing any more F/UF for now. (is this a good idea? or shall i continue)

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The hoodie merch from t-spring should be here tomorrow so looking forward to seeing how they turned out.

I need to find out how to get more impressions on my stories. i have about 10-15% engagement on posts but only 100 or so people are seeing my story. - this is where i promote everything swell so more viewers = better

any insights?

I need a bit of advice, will update stats some other time!

I remembered I won 2 months worth of Jarvee and happened to get my hands on my old gaming PC that ill just set up for jarvee only.

Ive currently set it up with 1 scraper that sends the profiles to another account that isn’t my main but just has ‘join the community @(handle of main)’ in the bio

I was thinking of just running it like this and not doing any automation on my main page.

Is this a good idea? or should I set up a few scrapers/slaves and send all the info back to my main page that ill use to follow? sounds like id grow faster but as I have never automated before im unsure if itll be too risky.


EDIT: also, do I want to create more accounts to do F/UF or more scrapers to get more data? I plan on only making a few as I want to run it all on my home IP