Growing & monetising a niche page - my journey

Very exciting things have been happening, i set up jarvee with 2 slaves and 1 scraper, we got our first viral post with 7k likes, we hit the 3k hurdle and have also received our samples of our hoodies we will be selling.

Firstly, ive set jarvee up via the thread on here with the april 2020 settings, this only covers follow/unfollow so will be looking into dms/commenting and more once i have warmed the accounts up.
My question is, how many slaves should i have and how many scrapers? Im not looking to make a huge network, but maybe 4 slaves will suffice for now.

We will be doing 1 order for friends and family for our hoodies and then will be opening it up to the public and donating all proceeds of our first 50 hoodies to a charity of our choice due to the current social situations.

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Yo @SBG, looking good. Should be really interesting now you’ve got JV set up and that’s great to hear about the hoodies.

Just a quick question - where were you sourcing pics to repost before you got JV? Doing it by eye and manually picking pictures that ranked well on hashtags? Or another method?

I only repost on jarvee on my slave I do everything manual on my main,

And yeah I just look for good photos (Im a photographer so have a good eye) and also pick them from other accounts in my niche that posted them a while ago.

I explain my method a bit better further up but I just save the ones I want to post throughout the day so I have everything I need whenever I come to post

I’ve also started to feature people’s submissions on my story, this way I can keep my feed full of professional photos and still engage with my audience (the majority are not good quality) via stories

Edit 2: I think the main reason the page is doing so well is my hashtags. 90% of my posts are getting impressions from explore (nothing major 500-3000 usually) which is great as it’s only a few months old and I feel it’s because every post has got a lot of traction via my hashtags rather than my current audience

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I will do a little update whilst I’m at it.

Growth has been insane this week, averaging around 100-150 followers a day

As above, most of my images are getting impressions from explore but none have gone super viral yet (apart from the one I mentioned last time) any idea why? I think I just have to be patient

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Guess ill keep this updated incase anyone cares

Things went a bit mad this week, we made quite a bit of money from our merch that will be going to a BLM charity and our growth has been exponential this week, really starting to see great engagement and growth without doing much more than posting on my part.

In the last 7 days we’ve had 250k impressions on a small page & i invested in an app called Mojo, its free but can buy it also and i spend a couple of hours every now and then making really great story visuals for features etc just to add a bit more value to the page.

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Hey bro I’ve been following your journey! Love to see you killing it. I have a 30k tech page I’ve left out to dry for some time now. Used to get around 100k views on some videos and 10k+ likes on some. I’ve just been posting on it for about a month now manually, sourcing videos from similar pages and just can’t seem to get anything going. Any idea how to get back to good numbers again and how to monetize a 2+ year 30k tech page? I’ve tried a dropshipping website with it before but when that kind of failed, that’s when I gave up. I started this account from 0 2+ years ago just manually following everyday until today. Changed the username a few times but it’s back to the original plan I had for it now but struggling to get it going and can’t monetize it until I do really. Just posting once a day but not even getting 1k views and 100 likes is an achievement. I am just typing in things like ‘tech, gadget, ‘technology’ etc for the hashtags. I don’t know if finding lesser known hashtags will work and where I find them. I tried to put the account in jarvee just now to do the reposting manually but it logs into the EB but not API so I gave up. Haven’t used jarvee for f/uf since my IG business went downhill about 6-12 months so think I’ll just stick to manual.

I won’t be updating this again but i thought id sign off on progress up to now so people watching don’t think i failed!

Its moved from an IG page to a platform and we will be making money from working with brands, selling our merch and advertising/promotions on our website and socials

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