Growing Twitter Accounts


Hey guys!

Any tips on how to grow Twitter accounts? Do you use Jarvee for this?


Hello, yes boting 300+ twitter accounts with Jarvee atm.
My best advice if accounts are new :

  • Start very slowly don’t follow 50 the first day : what work for me its 5/day and increase 5-10 each day until it reach 200F.
  • The max you can follow and being below twitter radar is 200/day. Don’t trust guys who said they follow 500 - 700/day. These day are gone, definitely. If you follow too much your account will be suspended.
  • Scrap only active users from post with high engagement because the follow back rate is higher.
  • Like your followers tweet from time to time just to say : hello i’m here. They will retweet and like yours if the content is great.
  • Don’t tweet only with your link (affiliate or e-commerce link etc.)/ Share you link every 10 tweets (that’s what i do).
  • If your accounts are niche related - share them on reddit not only with your link but screenshot of your best tweet with many retweet and like. I gain like 1k/week just by doing this.
  • Use twitter poll;
  • DM Pages in the same niche as yours, sometimes they agree to shoutout your pages if the content is relevant.

Hope this help.


excellent sound advice. do you have a preference for proxies? dc mobile or residential


can you elaborate on the reddit method?


Also considering the limits that @socialhad mentioned, make sure Twitter will give you a good ROI on whatever you are trying to accomplish.


I create accounts with residential proxies or mobile proxies and run them with dc proxies. I found they have less issue when created with residential proxies.


Many subreddits like this format of the post, when it’s relevant (example below)

What you do it’s post something like this but with your account, in your niche subreddit if allowed. If it’s a meme or joke you can post it in r/funny or r/memes etc.


Nice guide bro


@socialhad thanks a lot. An awesome guide for start. As IG is getting harder want to try with Twitter. Do you get PV immediately after creating the account?


Not immediately. Most of the times its during the first week of your automation.


How many account you are using per number?


@socialhad How many Twitter accounts are you using on 1 DC proxy?


2 per DC proxy


But I saw somewhere that you can go above that.
I never test it so I don’t know if it’s work if you use one number with many accounts.