Growth anymore not possible with automation


Perhaps you can think outside the box and figure out other things to automate that makes things easier for you / your clients.

This is what happens with any business/industry … it evolves/changes and some will continue but most will find another business. I would start looking at other platforms etc or adapting your biz model to the new way. What we used to know is getting more and more difficult by the week.

Many have left this biz over the past year … and many more will leave I am sure.

I feel like the ones that are left have some sick obsession with making their life hell :rofl:


Quitting Instagram is not the solution but staying within the rules and working daily is
and that’s what they want.

In my opinion,nowedays even for simple actions people get blocks so its worth it to outsource to someone else who knows the limits properly and by the time focus on other platforms with cross-promotions.


Hi denis,

I’ve been browsing the forum anonymously over the last month. I’ve read through that thread and many more. I’ve tried staying within the safe range but I’m experiencing a lot of issues.

If you are having success with Jarvee. Can you please share what is working for you so that we can all learn?

edit: I am NOT looking for a quick fix or a hack. I am willing to work on this daily and put effort into growing a genuine following. My experience so far with Jarvee has been unsuccessful. I haven’t been able to get an account to stay alive for a week.


I do not use Jarvee currently, so i can’t tell :tipping_hand_man:t2:

Yep, unfortunately looks like nothing works very well now. You have a lot of clients maybe you can do manual M/S but this method also have its cons such as not consistent results, targeting is hard and you would need to charge your clients a lot more to make it profitable and I believe many of them would just cancel considering today this pandemic and everyone is trying to save money. Why don’t you check out this thread where guy explain how to use paid ads to get followers so you can try it out… this technique is best if you manage to master it.

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Automation still lives! I don’t use JV but build our own app. June to Oct 2019 was a headache but now its doing good. No AC, TLS, Captcha just soft blocks and only to 10%of my clients accounts.:ok_hand:

Automation is still possible but with a twist nowedays,Normal Automation ways won’t work.

Even with Automation,You need to be as random as possible so even that point should be considered…

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I agree that it’s not easy to do the automation anymore but it’s not impossible. I think there are still some methods that are working like for example Mother/Slave method, but yeah you’re gonna need to have a lot of scrapers.

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Yes is still possible


is that in one day? Doesn’t the number of ‘followins’ cap out at far less than that?

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Automation still works but yes, it’s harder day by day. You have to use 4G proxies and randomize your actions as much as you can. I’m using my 4G Proxies really fine but I know how to randomize my actions so I’m trying to leave as few footprints as possible :slight_smile:

So you just show an analytics of some account and say Automation is possible,LOL.

Block can be avoided, as said on the post, there are different method and strategies.

Botting is not anymore the primary way.

Human behaviour is the key.

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Growth with automation is 100% possible, but you have to be smart and always try to think ahead. For example, I remember a couple of weeks ago someone thought it was a waste of money to have a custom bot build scrapers and now it’s almost necessary. Here are stats from my slaves that I just turned back on today (I turned them off because of the US Election):

Keep in mind the some of these accounts didn’t hit their limits because I had to add some more scrapers and sources.

Also, if there’s one thing that the harsh IG limits taught me it’s that you have to always look at other options. Once IG started implementing harsh API limits, I started to look at automation on other platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn.


@BigJ 1 day?

Let me know if you will have success(No disabled and TL) run automation more than 1 week and hit daily limits

These slave accounts have been running for several months and I only rested them for 1 week because I feared the US Elections would negatively impact automation.

For sure! I’m pretty confident they will since they have pre-election.

automation is still working great, yes it’s harder than before but it’s still there, and as the guys said above you really need to be smart about that, scrapers, API limits, safe actions, testing, and testing until you find the sweet spot for your account’s growth.

Don’t be naive.

If you run automation with jarvee you will hit soon or later.

I don’t want to sound rude but I am not in this game 1 month.

These companies don’t want anyone to grow their business for free on their platform.

You should be manually growing and then eventually pay them for advertising so you can really scale.

Im back to growing my accounts manually. What sucks is recently my gmail got disabled but i recovered it. I noticed they don’t even want u to cold email (which i think is most effective method to reach the most users quick) so its a crazy game for sure…

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