Growth anymore not possible with automation

After all new Instagram updates, automation complete is dead! Jarvee, MP, SocialKit, HyperVoter, Reactions Pro, and a lot of other software not works. All accounts getting Account Compromised or Temporarily Locked. Slaves for scrap not help, or anything else not help. They always getting locked or even in bad situation Captcha 24 hours review and block!

How you grow in nowadays? Which method are you trying to use?

Manual f/uf not a good idea if you have 500+ customers

Masslooking, Story votes, Follow/Unfollow looks like dead.

Automation is harder than before, for sure. But it still works. Tips : spam less, scale more.

Also, being creative is something important nowadays. So copy/pasting methods isn’t worth it anymore - as you said, it can be patched very fast.


That not about copy-pasting methods. It is about Instagram just patched everything that was worked.

You know anyone who does Massvoting, Masslooking or Massfollowing nowadays? Without AC and Temporarily Locked, 24 hours review messages? I don’t know anyone now. There was 1-2 weeks ago but and they left from Instagram now!

Gotta keep testing to see what works I guess. Some methods are alive :blush::pray:

Screenshot from August. In August Massvoting and Masslooking worked very well. Not now!

If you are talking about mass actions, it’s just a matter of time before IG or any other platform will release a fix.

Anyway, you can’t build a business on such hacks. A long-term method should be used, otherwise you might lose your whole business.

Tip n°2 : play IG by the rules. And this will probably not gonna be patched anytime soon :slight_smile: Of course, it’s harder than just a simple “add credentials + play” on a russian story viewer website…

As stated here, it needs time and dedication


Even with new limits nothing works anymore. If you will do simple actions per day you sitll will get AC or Temporarily Locked, or just 24 hours. I had accounts without automation and even they get this message

If you tested everything on your end and still failed after all this time since these updates came out, the only solutions i got in mind would be either :

  • Quit Instagram to an other platform/business
  • Outsource IG growth to someone else


My accounts are getting blocked too. I have really low settings and residential proxies. 2 accounts per proxy.

At this point, Instagram botting isn’t worth the headache. Waking up to a red Jarvee screen is getting very time-consuming.

Using Jarvee without the API will break reposting and other tools.

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For newcomers :
There is a lot of knowledge to get here, before asking for answers that have been discussed all around. I don’t think 10 minutes reading-time would be enough :wink:

For example, this is a mega-thread related to blocks, you’ll find plenty others [SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)

Also, a lot of test A versus B versus C… Will be needed on your end, to see what works for you. Your accounts / proxies / software(s) / settings aren’t the same than anyone here, so copy/pasting all of those might not work for you, even if it’s working for someone else.

Before a test, there are always homeworks :slight_smile:

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Perhaps you can think outside the box and figure out other things to automate that makes things easier for you / your clients.

This is what happens with any business/industry … it evolves/changes and some will continue but most will find another business. I would start looking at other platforms etc or adapting your biz model to the new way. What we used to know is getting more and more difficult by the week.

Many have left this biz over the past year … and many more will leave I am sure.

I feel like the ones that are left have some sick obsession with making their life hell :rofl:


Quitting Instagram is not the solution but staying within the rules and working daily is
and that’s what they want.

In my opinion,nowedays even for simple actions people get blocks so its worth it to outsource to someone else who knows the limits properly and by the time focus on other platforms with cross-promotions.


Hi denis,

I’ve been browsing the forum anonymously over the last month. I’ve read through that thread and many more. I’ve tried staying within the safe range but I’m experiencing a lot of issues.

If you are having success with Jarvee. Can you please share what is working for you so that we can all learn?

edit: I am NOT looking for a quick fix or a hack. I am willing to work on this daily and put effort into growing a genuine following. My experience so far with Jarvee has been unsuccessful. I haven’t been able to get an account to stay alive for a week.


I do not use Jarvee currently, so i can’t tell :tipping_hand_man:t2:

Yep, unfortunately looks like nothing works very well now. You have a lot of clients maybe you can do manual M/S but this method also have its cons such as not consistent results, targeting is hard and you would need to charge your clients a lot more to make it profitable and I believe many of them would just cancel considering today this pandemic and everyone is trying to save money. Why don’t you check out this thread where guy explain how to use paid ads to get followers so you can try it out… this technique is best if you manage to master it.

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Automation still lives! I don’t use JV but build our own app. June to Oct 2019 was a headache but now its doing good. No AC, TLS, Captcha just soft blocks and only to 10%of my clients accounts.:ok_hand:

Automation is still possible but with a twist nowedays,Normal Automation ways won’t work.

Even with Automation,You need to be as random as possible so even that point should be considered…

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I agree that it’s not easy to do the automation anymore but it’s not impossible. I think there are still some methods that are working like for example Mother/Slave method, but yeah you’re gonna need to have a lot of scrapers.

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Yes is still possible