Guerilla Local WiFi Marketing

Hello everyone,

Is there any interest in me doing a guide about guerilla Wi-Fi advertising?

I have never seen this method done anywhere, nor seen a guide anywhere.

I basically built myself a device out of a microcontroller and a battery bank which advertises fake Wi-Fi networks. (Open area range 100m~500m)
I can choose the name of those networks myself.
The Li-Ion cells in it can make this thing run up to a few days independently. If you have some solid experience in hard- & softwaredesign as well as some microcontroller programming skills you could do it from scratch. For others I would write a guide, if there is any interest around.

(Device can be programmed to do some grey-blackhat stuff aswell, maybe I will put that in the guide as well.)

The idea is that you place one or multiple of these devices in areas you know are going to be crowded.
Good examples would be a train station, a mall or other public places of some sort. Basically everwhere you know where there are going to be a lot of people around with their phones out, potentially searching for free WiFi.

This way you could potentially reach thousands of people each day, for free.

Some screenshots below of the device and the implementation (Promoted URL blurred by me).
Let me know if you would be interested, as writing a guide for noone would be way to much work since it involves quite a lot of explaining.


(Screenshots below)


First, welcome to the forum, glad to have you with us.

Nice method, looks good, I’m just afraid someone will think we’re planting bombs :joy:

Anyway, I’d really like to see the guide.


Hi, thanks.

Yeah I had some feedback about this looking like planting a bomb or something lmao
You could also just carry this around in your backpack or jacket while walking around if you don’t want to leave it somewhere.


Yeah that sounds good too. But I hate walking :joy:
Just joking. Please post a guide when ready.



definitely interested in this! looking forward to seeing the guide!

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Could also see someone reporting the website or shaming it on social media for doing that, so you’ve gotta have some really low expectations that anyone will manually browse to the site instead of just ignoring.

However, I could see something fun if people actually associate with the AP and are then given a discount code or legitimate offer for being gullible enough.

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I was just showing one way how something like this could convert.
If you do this you would 100% have to put your own spin on it, like with almost any other method.

I can also kick anyone in range from their WiFi which they are currently connected to, to force them to look at the list of available networks nearby, but this is then not far off of doing a man-in-the-middle attack…


Yeah, if you’re slamming everyone in a radius with deauth packets you’re probably not gonna have a good time.

Intersting. When a user tries to join the wifi network, can you open a browser and ask him to put his email or number in order to be able to enjoy wifi?

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Don’t know what device he’s using, but that can be done as long as it’s got an internet connection. Could easily add a 4G dongle or connect through other public wifi hotspots to get internet and do just that.

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Can be done using a captive portal yes.

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Works even without an internet connection.

Fascinating, please share more info

Great idea i would love to do this…perhaps we can contact you out to pick your brain. it would be nice if our home page would come out as the welcome page or to use the free wifi give an email. thank you in advance for the share

good idea…for concerts that have social media active potential clients

interested! please share more info!

Been doing this as well for local shops an venues - You can also start deauth attacks against neighbor APs and Stations so they check their Wifi settings (To figure out what’s wrong) and then they see your message/advertising even faster :slight_smile:



Totally interested in seeing a guide! Also to set up the captive portal :wink:

Would love to see a guide this is badass man!

Welcome, and yes that definitely is interesting. Looking forward to your guide. I would love to play a bit with local people. See what kind of response I can get.