[GUIDE] [2019] 🚀 Mobile Instagram Account Creation DONE RIGHT!


The same cloned wont work as it‘s the same. The question is reclone or just reinstalling the clone. But hopefully Bruce will let us know as he seems to have access to the developers. Keep in mind that‘s a cracked version which is linked there btw.!


I talked about this yesterday on discord. Watch out for the GSF key too. I noticed when I accidentally run a Google app it will appear and creating accounts will fail.
I have multiple clones.
After I’m done with gang of clones. I change device ID then reclone all for the next creating session.

@BruceSilduk let me know how it goes with your discussion. Here are the 4 IDs that are vital and used on MP https://i.imgur.com/yvT2GJ6.png


are you refering to mother slave? If yes then how do you do it without mention or prelander? Thanks in advance.


Sorry bro. Once you run any google apps (even if you’re not logged in google)… it will generate a GSF key. I found this to be one of the reasons of creation failures.


When you clone the Instagram App, the AppCloner will give this clone new IDs. That’s why you have to deinstall the clone and repeat the process otherwise you will have the same IDs as before.


so for each account, uninstall the cloned, and re clone it. Is that it?


Good point there, will ask that too. I just figured it out as I had some problems with creation and wanted to give everyone heads up.

Don’t even know what it is, but will ask too :smiley:

Yes, the idea is not to need the reinstallation. This can be achieved with the add on they sell called ‘runtime modding options’.

Also I think we might need to purchase the app and addon. Both it’s <5£ anyway so fuck it, doesn’t matter. If I can spoof all that data with a click, I would pay 50£ if not more :smiley:


So you were able to create the accounts? @BruceSilduk
Now its just about the time it takes to create them, I understood that right?


I created 50+, had some issues here and there but a fresh reinstall always fixed it. I started to look into what’s causing blocks. And I figured out that details are not spoofed everytime we log in / log out. Now I’m trying to figure out how to do that.


Ok…if anyone having issues while creating means there is some common thing leaking while creation this may help you.
Well, Appcloner is not gonna work to the perfect. Also re-cloning always gonna take lot of time.

Here are the things you should consider changing before you create account.
Android ID
Advertising ID
Device ID
GSF(Google Service Framework)
Harware Serial
Bluetooth&wifi Mac Address
Wifi ssid
Mobile Number(not necessarily)
Sim Card Serial
Sim Subscriber ID
Sim Operator
Build Fingerprints

Make sure you change all these details before you create another account. And make sure u just resintall Official IG app for every account (after changing the above details)

AppCloner cant change lot of the above details, and the cloning process takes lot of time.
You can use xposed to achive all the above things.

Main thing, change your mobile brand and android version details too. It makes the mobile entire new.

If you can able to do all the things above mentioned you are good to go and no linking between accounts. You can purchase various network sims and change them here and there and roam for tower switching make more quality.


EDIT: Make sure you dont have any gmail attached to playstore.

Sign up block on instagram

Has that ever happened to you, wondering why a device does not work? You think hard and look at what’s wrong with the device? But in the end you realize that the plug was not in the socket?

Think about it.


To whom you were talking?


So happy you figured it out, dude!
I tried this once and it failed but I am thinking of trying it again today. What if the phone doesn’t have an Instagram app installed by default? Does that make a difference if I have to install the APK?


I’m talking to everyone who tries to create accounts with this method without success.
The tip I gave you above was after the tutorial itself, the best you can find here.


Guys, would you mind yo share a cheap phone that you are gettings succes in acc creation? anyone is using a external keyboard too?



I’m using an Android mirror to control it from my desktop


Was looking to do the same, but not sure if they can detect it, i kinda belive they can but trial and see it’s the best approach,


I think installing using APK is the best way to go tbh.

I had a few emails back and forth with the app cloner devs and I told them it was for IG. They said we can’t change it all easily. Some bits yes. But I just seen @sonpink post, see below

And THIS is the the shit. +1 mate. I’ll see what can be done, but seems true anonimity should be achieved using xpose.


What you recommend for iOS ?


You can’t for iOS. Closed system