[GUIDE] [2019] 🚀 Mobile Instagram Account Creation DONE RIGHT!


Yes, you can achive this using xpose.
TIP for HQ Accounts
(Change your mobile brand/manufacturer and android version details too. It makes the mobile entire new.) In this process dont try to change baseband it will brick ur mobile.


Well, iOS is totally different than android. Android have more possibilities whereas iOS doesnt. Still you can do, but be care.

The things need to be changed in iOS

  1. Advertising ID (previously it was device_id). Reset this ID in privacy settings
  2. UDID, iOS version, Hardware id. These 2 can be achived by tools from Cydia(need to be jailbreaked).

Better use Android.


Are you able to create accounts? :slight_smile:


U mean using iOS? i am not using iOS anymore.
If u meant android? yes, i am. @roy


In general. Congratulation! :slight_smile:


I’m a bit noob in questions about rooting my old android, I can follow one good tutorial to install xposed and after that what do I do??
Unistall play store? Install good app cloner?



Hy @sonpink I wonder if you got any proof instagram is looking for these values? If yes could you pls link the source? Or is it what they could be looking for?


I bought a nexus 5 on kijiji yesterday to do this, thanks for the tips! It works perfectly :smiley:


If you could have read Instagram’s data policy you will know that. Anyways here it is for you https://help.instagram.com/519522125107875

You need more proof, install IG app go to appinfo and check which permissions it officially accessing.


Good share! (no need to roast anyone :wink: )


I know the policy pretty well no reason to go mad. So the policy and the permissions are your proof? That‘s fine. For me they are not.


Thats fine. For me they are enough proofs. I am just an end user.


Do you think you could shed some light on how you do this?
With mobile faker it changes a lot but not everything and I noticed this.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Did not want to offend you. I know they theoretically could check all those values. I just wanted to know if you have found a proof that they really do it. Because I spend also a lot of time researching it. Ofc if you want to do it as safe as possible you should cover all your points. And it’s a great list and share @sonpink


When i dont change all those values i am not able to create accounts. I am able to create when i change. So i think they cosider those values or atleast combination of those.


That’s the point. Writing a big list of every possible footprint and reading the TOS is good, in theory. But they are clearly not looking on everything, in practice. Same thing as using a proxy from Asia for a client in Europe. That makes absolutely no sense in theory and on a regular basis it’s definitely a sign of botting activity. But the practice shows that people are running a lot of accounts from all over the world on them.

It’s not about fooling Instagram and “acting human like” in that sense, it’s about testing and finding out what Instagram allows to do and what not. Instagram is making the rules and when they don’t want people using bots, creating multiple accounts, etc. at all, they could 100% shut it down. At least the majority of the people without the top skills in coding. When you still believe, you can “fool” Instagram take a look at the size of their datacenters and the people behind the software and technology. You can’t “fool” the AI of Instagram. Because botting behind accounts is increasing market activity on Instagram they allow it in a specific frame.

It’s just about testing and finding the frame of what Instagram allows and what not.


use build.prop file in adnroid-data. to change them. Make a backup of the build.prop file before you change anything.


Thanks so much! I ironically happened to stumble across that today before I read your message!!!
Amazing. Question though - how do you ensure that all of the values are correct? Do you have multiple examples of many phone models/makes/build numbers and you input them?


@sonpink One day to root my phone first time! Tried every method in the world.
So I installed xposed now what I need to do and what I need to be carefull? I’m kind of new to root so what said I need to change all the ID’s on the top + phone brand?

What xposed module you use to delete google services and do you use some module to edit android-data ?


Some quick news

I couldn’t create accounts, will explain what I did and after getting that error “something went wrong” I tried everything (extra it was my first time doing root)

Tried normal root on my old phone, couldn’t get it. After one day trying everything I soft rooted my phone with Kingroot installed recovery.

After this I rooted normally and installed Xposed like @sonpink said and installed every ID changer inclusive phone model changer( Device Emulator Pro and Device Faker Plus).

I changed everything IDs, Google advertising ID, emei everything… Log out from my Google account, install Instagram from Aptoide. Tried creating account, using gmail, Hotmail and mail.com got the error…

My point here I think this might be Instagram app, so unistall and installed from Google play store, got error.

This might be my phone brand, disable app that changes my phone brand, got error.

Tried with Clone app got error.
Disabled all my apps ID changers got error.

So my conclusion is some rooted phone’s IG doesn’t accept…

Last time I tried using this phone LG G3 was 2 weeks ago perfect creating account’s not rooted…

So why I rooted because even using Clone App I know some ID’s IG would connect account’s.

My solution for this is creating with computer instead of Android