[GUIDE] Changing Locations in Tiktok

Because the Topic of changing Tiktok Location grew to the General Tiktok Q&A i will try to give a Guide on how to change Locations on Tiktok to help those out, who actually just want a quick guide.

How to change your Location on Tiktok:

    1. Buy a Sim Card of the Location you want your Tiktoks to be seen.

This Sim Card does not need to be Activated!
This will only determine the initial “For You Page” Audience

    1. Restart Tiktok with the new Sim card in place and Post your Video

This will give you the initial for you page views of that country 100%

  • Optional:
  • Get a VPN and also select the Country that your SIM Card is from.
    This is not needed but it may give you a slight edge when it comes to Shadowbans etc. because the data as a whole looks more authentic.

I tried this with a test account, posted 6 Tiktoks with 6 different Sim Cards + VPN and all of them got the correct For You Page Audience. For new accounts there are a lot of 0 Views Tiktoks. You need to wait a lot or build trust with Tiktok by using the actual App to create Videos. If you only repost content there is also the option of “Video Green Screen” which is simmelar to creating the Video on the actual app (gets views faster then reposteing with a new account=

If you need any more Information on the Topic just ask

Does this also work with a Google Voice phone number (from USA), if you’re in Europe for example?

There is a way to get usa traffic without sim card
You get 0 views because you dont warmup accounts, you need to see videos for 10 minutes + randomly scroll and randomly add like, then wait 1 day and post unique video (to get unique video crop the video,rotate it, zoom-in/out,slightly change speed and add any color filter :slight_smile: )

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