[GUIDE] How to control hashtag performance & gain massive exposure? My secret

What’s up guys,

Massive thanks for your support on my first guide and I am back with another easy guide to gain massive exposure.

In the last days, I was testing some hashtag hacks that helped me gain huge exposure.


What do you need?
You might have heard it a million times, but just for the sake to inform people who didn’t know - “Content is the King”.

  1. Create 2 accounts with complete bio, few pictures, random follows and likes to profiles for a week. Don’t follow your main profile/like pictures of your main profile during this period.
  2. Join telegram engagement group which is free and has few 1000 members. This shouldn’t be like wave groups. Best is to join 2 Dx30 groups which is active. Yes, this still works and doesn’t affect your main profile in any way!
  3. Choose 30 relevant hashtags (15 hashtags under 500K, 10 hashtags under 1Mil and 5 hashtags under 3 mil). There’s no such thing as IG sees it as spam.
  4. Post your picture like you usually do.
  5. Immediately after posting, switch to your other profile, like the picture of your main profile, save it and share it to your other profile.
  6. Go to one of the telegram group and post link of the picture in one of the telegram group.
  7. Switch to profile 2, open the main profile post from the DM message which you received from profile 1 and do the same process.
  8. Steps 5 to 7 has to be done within 10 minutes of posting the picture.
  9. Come back to your main profile and start replying to comments.Don’t comment more than 20-25 within short time.

Within the next few minutes, your picture would have got a boost from the engagement group and double the comments. So, IG sees your comment as something important and push it to top posts in many of the hashtags.

I increased my hashtag performance to 200% only with this method. Feel free to give feedback about the guide to help me provide better content next time!

If you think I missed something important in the guide, let me know or add below.

Happy Growing!



Never use more than 27 Hashtags. I learned it the hard way


I’ve been getting a lot of exposure from hashtags recently as well. However, it does not translate into follows. From those screenshots, it seems you are experiencing the same thing. What’s the real benefit of nearly 20,000 impressions from hashtags if it only translates to 8 followers? I try to put myself in the shoes of my potential followers and select hashtags that they would search if they found my content interesting but it does not translate very well. Followers convert at a much higher rate from explore than hashtags for me but explore reach has been lower for a while now.


Gotta try this, thanks so much.

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Thanks for sharing. These are really great hashtag reach - I do the same but have never have never had this level of performance. How large are the hashtags you use? Do you bot this main account in anyway - I’m wondering whether trust score affects also how much IG promotes content from each account.

First, thank you for your contribution.

I should try this with my niche accounts :slight_smile:
My little question, is this is only possible with Telegram engagement groups ?
any kind of “like exchange” from Jarvee for exemple, will help ?

Does the engagement groups needs to be from your main niche ?

Thanks for your time !

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I never had a problem but good to know :slight_smile:

You are right. The hashtag performance doesn’t get me followers directly. But I stay in top posts of the hashtags and get shoutouts from big pages which translates to followers roughly about 40-60 followers. So, just to get that amount of followers by the method is a big win for me.

Also not to forget that I get many freebies from companies that want met o give them a shoutout and potential collaborations :smiley:

I use 15 very small hashtags (less than 500k)
10 medium hashtags (less than 1mil)
5 big hashtags (less than 3 mil)

I have never used bot in my main account :slight_smile:

It will work with the like exchange tool. But just be careful with the numbers you want to receive. You won’t need tons of external likes (depending on your profile size) to kick off hashtags. My account is just 14K followers and performs well on hashtags with around 60-100 external likes via engagement groups.


Do yall know any way to clear restrictions from Telegram groups? It almost feels like each telegram run bot like groups keep blocking someone out saying I leech. I wouldn’t wanna use the race card because it almost feels like because my contents are African I am been selected. I interact with other peoples posts well from dx5 to dx7 to dx10 and more yet I get blocked out. What d f am I doing wrong

How often do you change hashtags?

Lots of hashtags, but I will try!

can you elaborate on what happened when you used more than 27 hashtags?

I don’t think it can be because of your locality. It can be if your content doesn’t comply with their rules. I just be part of some random groups that are free and active. Just try out some Dx30 likes only group and see if you are able to push your link

I do spend quite sometime to search and optimize my hashtags for every picture based on the content I post.


Do you interact directly on the feed of Telegram group or with a list that bot send you?

Your blocks can happen due to a few different reasons:

  1. You’re not interacting with every post (use /list to get a private message from bot with a list of links that you need to interact with. When you do that, go back to the group and then post. I always try to find out if someone posted after I got a list and before I drop my link.)

  2. There are a specific restriction in a group (i.e. follow accounts x,y,z - they are mentioned in a pinned post at the top of the group. You can usually access this list by typing /rules). Sometimes the requirement is to have a minimum number of followers or commenting a minimum of X words on every post. Some groups require you to interact from the same account

  3. Do you drop links in a correct way? (I’m asking this just to be sure) - ie. DX30 @account.you.used.to.interact www.instagram.com/… ?

  4. Some content is banned and if users spot it, they can report you.

  5. Do you interact too often? Sometimes you need to wait in between dropping your link second time in the same group.

If in doubt, just drop the message to group admin and ask politely why this is happening. I got a few bans myself in the past and just messaged admins and asked if they could remove my strikes.

Ps. I feel like in some of the groups you’re getting strikes without actually missing engagement purely because they want you to pay for un-banning your account or push towards paying monthly fees

Hope it somehow helps.

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You will eventually get a Shadow Ban for 7 days

How quick do you reach 60-100 likes after posting?

Thank you for sharing this!

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