2019: Growth, Highlights, Mistakes and Plan for 2020

Dear MP Socialians,

Its that time of the year to stop, look back what you have achieved, what you have done, analyze the mistakes and create a growth plan for 2020.

I wanted to start by saying that I am truly grateful to have found this platform, thankful to everyone who shared their knowledge.

2019 for me:

  1. Grew my personal profile from “yet another social media profile” to a serious side gig.

From 7200 to 22300 followers without any automation. I know it’s not much compared to some of you guys; but stay with me.

  1. Being able to call myself an “Influencer” in Photography and Travel niche. And I am not a photographer by profession.
  2. Getting sponsored by some of my dream companies.
  3. Traveled for free and free stay (I thought I was being scammed until I saw the contract :smiley:).
  4. Maintain my ER at a decent rate


  1. Did couple of Instagram Workshops for over 200 people. Seriously, people listened to me!!
  2. Getting VIP invites to events in my city.


  1. Underestimating my skills (I have seen the same in many)

I was scared and nervous when I wrote a sales pitch email or when I was approached for poor budget orders. After multiple failures, I am now much better in evaluating what I can offer.

  1. Undersold

Since I was bad in understanding my skills, I undersold my services. After working on some campaigns for a free product exchange (for eg. worth 50$) where I spent hours of hard work creating my content, I am now able to charge few hundred $ + free product for the same.

  1. Focused on Metrics Too Much

Sometimes numbers don’t matter too much. I agree, its not the same for every niche or the type of business. With all the updates, bans and barriers, the community I created helped me moving forward. No matter your niche, attract the people who value your content and there is no stopping in growth.

  1. Not sharing knowledge

Beginning this year, any new strategy I found, I kept to myself thinking foolishly that I shouldn’t tell anyone my secret. I never grew or updated myself that way. After joining this community few months back, I learnt the more I share, the more I learn. Some of the guide I posted and received huge support from you all:

Thank you all for that!

Plan for 2020:

  1. Focus more on Personal Branding using Colors (I’ve always had feedback that some people immediately say its my work shared in other pages before they see my name. This is super powerful if you think about it. Many creators have their signature colors and their content is instantly recognizable, again “No matter the niche”.

  2. Create more guides, sharing knowledge to be shared on IG - about photography, in MP Social - about IG growth and on Youtube - about photography(still gathering courage to talk in front of camera).

  3. Focus more on Stories - to create connection with community and share BTS.

  4. Only work with companies that I truly like.

How about you? What are your achievements? What are the mistakes that you did and plan for a successful 2020?

Once again, thank you so much for all the contributors in MP Social!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!