[GUIDE] How to get Page Likes for $0.005


I’ve been on this forum for some months now, most of the time lurking in the Instagram Marketing section. And while I am currently working on projects mostly involving Instagram, I am much more proficient in Facebook Marketing. I am well aware that you guys don’t frequent this category that much, but nothing will harm if this guide is out there in case some of you ever need it.

One additional note before I begin - although this is a beginner-friendly guide, I will suppose that you know some basic stuff when it comes to Facebook Marketing, most important being the structure of the Ads Manager (Campaign - Ad Set - Ad Levels).

Who is this for?

Businesses, Brands and Pages that need to build their initial social proof. This is especially useful for dropshippers who are (or planning to) use Facebook Ads for making sales. Social proof is something that can help a lot if you are on the path of building any kind of brand, which is something I suggest even if you are just dropshipping. Not only this will bring you page likes, but also post engagement (likes and comments) if you are posting good content which is appealing to your audience.

The Strategy

First of all, you will need to navigate to your Ads Manager.

Inside the Ads Manager, you need to be inside the campaign level where you will start creating a new campaign by clicking the Create button.

  • Campaign Level

Here, under the Consideration Column, you will select Engagement which, when selected, will show more options below. From the options, you will select Page Likes as this is what we are striving for. You can name the campaign however you like and click Continue, leaving everything else as it is.

  • Ad Set Level

If this is the first time that you are creating an ad, you might be overwhelmed by the number of options that are present here. However, we will just use some of the features and you should leave everything else blank/as-is.

First thing first, you need to select the Facebook Page that you want to receive the Page likes on.

Next comes the first most important step of getting the cheapest possible page likes - the Audience targeting! So put special attention to this part.


Under the Location category you will delete the default selected one (which almost always is the country from where you are creating the ads). After you’ve done that you will type and select Worldwide. Then, you want to click on the ‘Include’ option under Worldwide and change it to ‘Exclude’ and then exclude California. Why we do this is because that is the most expensive audience in the world and we want to avoid it at any cost if we are to get the cheapest Page likes.


You will select the age of 13-24. We do this because this is the audience that is most likely to like your page. This is not an audience that will buy your products or services, but it is an audience that will engage with your page. And this is the goal of this guide.


Unless you are 100% certain that your niche is highly directed towards one gender, you will leave this at All.


Select English (All). I should note that this guide works best for pages that are in English so that’s why select English as the only language.

After you’ve done all this, the Audience should look like the image below:

Now, we are to the second most important step of getting your Page likers - the Detailed Targeting. The detailed targeting depends solely on your niche and your target audience. In this example, I am working with the Home Decor Niche and mostly people who like cozy, bohemian and hippie interior designs. So, first I will start by typing the widest interest that describes your niche, in my case Home Decor. As you can see in the image below, as soon as you write your desired keyword (or keyphrase) facebook will suggest the closest matching. Choose the one from that list that best describes your audience’s interest. In my case, I will select Interior Design.

As you can see from the information window on the right in the image above, the Interior Design interest has an audience size of 392,700,770, which is too broad. We are aiming at a number between 2-10 million which is the sweet spot. So, in order to come to this, we need to narrow it down.

We do this by clicking on the Narrow audience button under the interest box.

In my case, I will use the following interests, which are all related to the page I am working with:

  • Bohemian style

  • Decor Home Ideas

  • Hippie

  • Home Decoration & Design

  • Home Design

You can select as many sub-interests as you want, as long as you are in that 2-10 million audience size. You can check the audience size on the right sidebar, which gives the number of the **Potential reach **. Just add and remove interests until you get to that sweet spot. After you got it, you can move to the next step.


Under the placements section you will select Edit placements. Here, you will make sure that you only activate (select) the Facebook Feeds, while having everything else removed. You don’t want to advertise your Page on any other of Facebook’s platforms, such as Instagram, Messenger, etc. as they will just increase the price of your Page Likes. In most cases, Facebook already has these disabled, but you need to make sure this is the case.

Budget & Schedule

We’ve come to the last step on the ad set level which is setting up the budget. I am suggesting a daily budget of $5.00, which will roughly translate to 1,000 daily Page likes. Depending on the Page Likes goal you have, you can set the end date of your campaign. So, for example, if you want to reach 10,000 Page Likes, you will need to leave the ad run for 10 days and spend around $50 in total.

When you are done with this, make sure you double-check everything and then click Continue in the bottom right corner.

  • Ad Level

When you get inside the Ad Level, you will scroll down to the Media option. Here, you will need to click on the Upload images button and upload the image that will serve as your ad image. You can use any royalty-free images from sites like pixabay.com or unsplash.com or even better if you have your own content. I recommend using a square-shaped image (with the suggested dimension of 1,080 x 1,080 pixels), as Facebook prioritizes these images and they take the most feed space when you are scrolling on their platform.

After uploading your image, you can scroll down and Enter the text of your ad. You can and should use some simple message that is appealing to your niche. Here is the example that I’ve used in the last campaign we’ve launched:

Do you love having coziness in your life?:hugs:
So do we! Our goal is to bring more cozy and carefree days to people like you!

Note that this is far from a perfect image text, and you can certainly see better results if you go with something better. You can spice it up with some CTA if you wish as it can help you in achieving better conversion rate in your Facebook Likes.

After you’ve entered the text, your campaign is all ready and you can proceed with launching it. Just click on the Publish button in the bottom right corner and the campaign will be sent for approval. It usually takes something like 20 minutes for the campaign to be approved, but don’t worry if you wait for an hour or two, as that is quite normal as well.

You can now sit back and watch as your Page Likes roll in!

Results: Below, you can see my results from the campaign that I’m currently running. While it says that the Cost per Result is $0.01 if you divide the amount spent ($13.54) with the Page Likes (2,454) you will get a Cost per Results of $0.0055. Additionally, the page had seen immense boost of engagement on each post that we’ve posted since this campaign started running.

I hope you guys like this little guide of mine!



Very nicely written detailed guide, thank you! It’s always nice to have some social proof on your pages.
But I would rather get 3x times the likes for the same price by targeting broad interests in developing countries. (Africa, India) You are unlikely to get conversions based on page likes ads. I prefer to have the engagement and social proof on my ads.

For conversions drive WC traffic to your ads. If you also do PPE on the ad, it can reduce the conversion campaign costs.


Yep, that is definitely true, practically impossible to get conversions from Page Like ads.

However, developing countries targeting hasn’t been successful for me when it comes to Page Likes - they are more expensive then targeting worldwide in my experience for some reason. My assumption is that is because of the language of the page, which is English, which is virtually not spoken in China and India especially when combined with the high converting parameters (age 13-24) and the narrow interest. So you won’t get many Indians and Chinese people from the age of 13-24 interested in your niche that speak English. That’s my experience though, and you can achieve different results with different niches and countries. However, in my opinion, $0.005 per Page Like is the lowest I have seen someone performing, with some extreme and rare exceptions.


Thank you very much for this valuable contribution <3


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Amazing guide @andbogi Thank you for contributing on such a detailed level mate!

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Thank you guys, I appreciate you reading it :blush:


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Great guide to build up ER and trust around a page. I can esily see this benefit influencer pages too. Once they receive an order to do some ads for a brand, they can use this method to increase the engagement for that specific post.
Thank you for sharing this. Well written.


Thanks for sharing, nice detailed info

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Thanks for sharing, will give it a try… this will help me out

awesome guide :slight_smile:

@andbogi I just want to thank you, you are a legend.

Just started up a page. $5 a day as you said. I’m not even halfway through my adspend on day 1, ($2.16) and im up to exactly 150 likes. That means I’m currently getting 1 like/0.014 so far. Might not be as good as your 0.005 (3 times worse) but if it wasn’t for your help, I probably would’ve been spending a hell of a lot more.

Might try this on some of my other pages now too.

Thanks again.


I just want to point out, for everyone reading this, please be careful when using this for any type of business that is selling through their Facebook pages and has some kind of a customer base already.

The likes from worldwide targeting basically null any kind of possibility for re-targeting based on page or post engagement since none of these people are buyers.


Hey, I’m only using this method to gain some social proof for a new business I started up. I may use Facebook ads later to direct traffic to the website and eventually gain clients - will doing this affect that?

I couldn’t agree more.

I should’ve probably make it clear in the guide, but it seemed too obvious for me.
But, basically this is a guide for the cheapest likes, not ones with highest quality. And while we do narrow the targeting within the niche of the page/business, it is still world-wide and it won’t work at all for local or regional businesses. Especially if you have an already established audience on your page, this, in my personal opinion, will only cause harm.

If someone, on the other hand, who already has quality audience on the page and wants even more quality likes and engagements, and also wants to use them in the future for creating LLA or re-targeting, than they would have to narrow down the audience to the countries that they work with (which is mainly USA, Canada and EU), but that would cost them a lot more. There are also a lot more things to cover for creating quality audience on the page, but that is a whole other topic and depends highly on the needs of the business page.

So, to put it short, this guide is ONLY useful to create some social proof and constant engagement on your post, but not conversion-led audience.


Alright, so, almost always you want to let Facebook spend at least 5 dollars to see the price drop. For the first 5 dollars I spent on all the pages I’ve boosted the price was hovering somewhere around that $0.01 per like. When Facebook finds your audience it only shows the ad to that group of people and the price per like should fall.

In case it doesn’t - then you need to troubleshoot. The first point of issue is almost always the wrong interest targeting. You need to reconsider if the interests that you’ve selected are the ones that best describe your page. You have to do a little bit of audience research on this if you want the best results. But if you have a business, then this is a must, because the interests of your audience are beneficial on many more aspects.

Also, make sure you have your Page all set, meaning you need to add some details, have a profile and cover image and post at least semi-regulary, so the people that see the ad and visit your page see that you are actually active and that they are interested in the contents of your page.

Last, but not least - the ad creative! You have to have an appealing image in your ad and have to come up with something creative for the adcopy if your ad wants to work. Make it click-baity to draw their attention, but not too much so it doesn’t look spammy. This is where trial and error gives best results.


Okay, so this campaign is solely for gaining social proof. As @perttu pointed out, you can’t use this audience or this adset to create LLA to drive them on your website (or to have any type of conversions).

You will have to develop a whole different approach when it comes to website traffic or conversions - and the first stop to learn this would definitely be the Facebook Blueprint. There are also a bunch of YouTube channels that do a great job on this, from where I learned most of the stuff when I was just starting.

One last note - if you want to do any kind of Facebook campaign with your website, no matter the objective, I would recommend you to install the Facebook Pixel if you haven’t already and then start learning how it works. It will change everything for you in the long run.

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Yeah, definitely. I only plan to get a few hundred/thousand likes just for a bit of social proof. I don’t plan on retargeting or anything like that, rather I’ll install fb pixel onto my website moving forward. My thinking is that if a prospective client sees my website and likes what they see, sometimes chances are they check my Facebook page and see if it has any social proof as a backing. If my page has 500 likes as opposed to 5 likes, it looks much better. Obviously it depends on content and everything too but the same page with 500 likes is better than the same page with 5 likes for prospective customers scanning your page.

That’s a valid reason to use this method. It’ll definetly help you for that kind of social proof and it won’t cost you much, as you don’t need 10s or 100s of thousands of likes and followers for that. Just be aware, which I see you already are, that these page likers will most likely NOT (it could, but most probably will not) use your services or buy your product.