[GUIDE] How to get Page Likes for $0.005


Yeah I will pretty much never expect the page likers to buy from me - but that’s fine. Only want that cheap social proof from them.


I’ve had 300 people In my first day who’ve also liked my post too, is this normal? I have invited them all to like the page. $5/day of ad spend and heading to 400 likes now at the end of day 1. Is this a decent rate?


Liking the post is pretty normal. If you have recent engaging content on your page, some of them should start liking those posts as well.

Also, with $5 and 400 likes, that is $0.0125 per like, which is decent for day 1. Most of the campaigns I’ve ran were hovering around $0.01 per like after 24 hours, but it all depends on many factors, some of which I’ve mentioned above. Also, I don’t know what niche you are in, as some niches perform better than others.


I’m in the marketing niche - advertising advertising campaigns. Makes it a bit more difficult to find a target market as we are targeting ceos, managers, business decision makers of particular businesses and multiple industries rather than a specific industry like ‘fitness trainers’. I just picked one industry for now to see how that performed.


Agree with you on everything - except Facebook blueprint.

A friend of mine wanted to learn fb ads and I directed him there because I thought it would give a great base.

He ended up texting me every second hour asking me questions that are not relevant in any type of normal fb ads situation, much less for a beginner (talking about manual bid lifetime budget campaigns after learning for a day)

I checked the program out and its incredibly confusing and definitely not useful for a beginner.

I’d start with the YouTube channels and head over to AdLeaks and Depesh Mandalias / Cat Howell’s fb groups.


Where can I buy likes for my FB page?


Thanks for this :wink:


This is not considered “buying” likes per se. You are doing this with Facebook Ads. You will need the create Ad Campaigns using the method on this thread. If you don’t know how to start, you can follow @perttu 's advice on the post above, where he suggests some good resources. And, of course, searching Google and YouTube for Facebook Ads Beginner’s guide can give you some starting points. Good luck!


You’re more than welcome! :blush:


Nice post but there is a problem. Facebook is changing their copywriting policy and this kind of copy is not permitted:" Do you love having coziness in your life? :hugs:
So do we! Our goal is to bring more cozy and carefree days to people like you!"

They say it’s " This ad isn’t running because it doesn’t follow our Advertising Policies. We don’t allow ads that promote unclear, misleading, “work from home”, MLM, get-rich-quick, or deceptive employment opportunities."

In other cases they say it’s not permitted by the privacy rules because you are asking if people actually want to feel cozy or like to travel or like food or anything…

We are experiencing a lot of problems with this kind of copy which used to work before.


Hey guys, quick question. I have a new animation video I want to post and gain some social prrof on the post first, before actually using this post as an ad for website traffic.

  1. Is it possible to post a video and then boost this post using the methods above to gain cheap social proof, using ‘engagement’ as the ad campaign type?

  2. Is it possible to later edit the post once it has approx. 1,000+ likes to use it in another ad and use ‘website traffic’ as the campaign type? Or will I have to create a new post or will it let me later use this same post to gain website traffic with social proof on the specific post?

Sorry if this is a bit confusing, very new to fb ads.


Thanks for the method, we tried, and yes, same low cost per like.

  1. We are new for the FB, if we continue to increase the likes via the ads. How many clicks can we expect to get per post?
    2.Is there the method to get more clicks to the site by ads spending as low as cost?

  1. Yes, you can definetly do that, but keep in mins two things - if it is a video (in your case animation), Facebook will measure 3-second-views as post engagements as well. That is kind of stupid in my honest opinion and I think Facebook only does that to drain money out of our pockets, letting us think the ad is successful even in cases when it is not. Also, VERY IMPORTANT - if you use this method you won’t be able to use the post to create LLA, as the data will not br really good. If you don’t plan to do that, then you are good to go.

  2. You can definetly do that. You just create a new campaign, and then you need to select “Existing post” when you are on the ad level. There you need to select the same post or add its ID. All the engagement from the previous post should be transfered to this new objective ad.

  1. I don’t fully understand this - do you mean how many clicks to your website for the same money?

  2. Well, you can, but that doesn’t mean it is a good idea. It all depends what you want to achieve with the traffic to your website. What is your goal - selling products, courses, collecting leads, building an audience…? With this in mind, most of the goals are not achivable by the traffic you would get from this method. So, in short - you will get cheap, but not quality traffic.


I watched a video where it said that engagement is very important firstly for social proof. I have got the page to 2,000 likes now through your method. Maybe they just meant to gain social proof for the page? But I do remember the video saying the actual ad needs social proof so that more people pay attention to it. What is the best way to do this though which doesn’t affect the potential to later create a look alike audience? I feel like getting cheap likes to a post will get you some social proof but won’t be good for anything other than that, so not sure if it’s worth it or not.


@Instagrower Okay, so you can do the following:


  1. Create the ad as a post on your page


  1. On the campaign level create a Post Engagement campaign
  2. On the Ad Set level select WorldWide audience, including both male and female (unless you are sure your audience is male or female exclusively) and select only English as a language, unless you are targeting different language speaking audience. Also, select really broad interests that are related to your niche.
  3. On the Ad Level select Existing Post and choose the one you have created.
  4. Depending on the niche you are in you should be getting anywhere from 100 - 500 reactions to your posts (plus shares and comments) for each $5.00 spent. Keep in mind that these numbers will fluctuate depending on your interest selection, ad creatives,call to action and niche among other factors.


  1. Create couple of LLAs with 95% Video Views and choose only the countries that you want to convert (presumably USA). Create 1% LLA, 1-3% LLA, 3-5% LLA and 5-10% LLA.
  2. Create a new campaign with Conversions as your objective.
  3. Now you will need to create multiple adsets within that campaign. In each adset you should select each of the different LLA you have created, as well as the interests that you found during your audience research. Each adset should have 1 interest ONLY. DO NOT mix interests in the beginning, as you are still in the testing phase. With this you will need to test out each LLA and audience interests and see which ones convert best. Also, make sure you select the right conversion type, depending on your needs - purchase, add to carts, leads etc.
  4. Set a daily budget on each of the adsets with one of the following values - $5, $10, $20, $50. The higher you have to spend, the more accurate results you will have.
  5. In the Ad Level you will again select Existing Ad and choose the one that you created in the beginning. This way all the engagement from the first campaign will be transferred to this ad, hence you will have the social proof.
  6. Let the ad sets run for couple of days. Keep in mind that $20 dollars is the lowest amount that can grant you any valuable insight on the audience, even that is low in some scenarios to derive conclusions. During the days keep an eye on the performance on all the adsets. The ones that are under performing should be stopped, while the ones that give great results should be scaled. You can then proceed to combine the good audiences with other interests or expand them with new tests.

This is the briefest form I could give you. Also, this is only one of the MANY methods of how you can do this, but this is useful if you want to create social proof, build initial data for LLA and test different audiences.


I think all of this is good but only if you want social proof or you want to sell something growth in facebook is dead only if you are a pro and know how to not get your account banned or removed as it’s so easy on Facebook to block your account not like on other sm platform or you have enough money to invest on Multilogin


Well, it depends man - there are certainly a lot of problems with Facebook Ad Accounts in the last 6 months, but that is mainly for people who are blackhatting or in the grey zone. If you have a decent product, decent customer support and you deliver what you promise, the chances are high that Facebook will leave you alone.


Amazingly helpful, thank you very much! Very excited to try this and see how it goes.


Great guide, but how i can do it for instagram growth?
I mean, i want to increase my IG followers with facebook ads.
can you explain??