[GUIDE] How to get Page Likes for $0.005

Awesome guide? How kuch fb pages can bring traffi ?

That is a totally different marketing campaign from this one. I personally have never grown Instagram profile with paid ads. I am certain you can do that, but I am sceptical about the financial efficiency of that method.

With this method, next to none. This is useful for creating social proof, nothing else. If you want website traffic, you need to set the objective to traffic and optimize your campaign and post towards that goal.

It is possible. I recommend doing broad targeting (1m+ audience), world wide and use your best content to boost. Write in the caption of your video (preferred over photo) something short and sweet and then a CTA a la Go follow @ myaccount. Results are good but be careful as it might lower your organic reach on instagram, see here:


Thank you for guide, i will check it now

Great. So far I have an average cost of 0.0092 usd for every like.

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Would this be a good strategy?

  1. Run a cheap campaign for social proof (like described in the thread)
  2. Use the same post to run a Traffic campaign, feeding in the site pixel
  3. Create a LLA using the pixel and use this LLA to run a Conversion campaign.
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You could try that, but you will have to remember to first publish the campaign with a post that has a link and a CTA button, otherwise you won’t be able to reuse it for the traffic campign. Also, make sure to target only the right countries with the traffic campaign and create a LLA in the country that you need.

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Ok. Thank you. I’ll test this in the next week.

Hey that’s a great share. We’re lucky to have people like you here that give out information like this. Thanks for sharing my friend!

any method for cheapest likes for instagram as well :smiley: ?